Dont waste your money on Aerogarden!

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  1. Despite a certain user on here scamming inccocent noobs into buying her manual on growing in an AeroGarden, the AG is an obvious waste of money compared to DIY333333kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii1q (sorry mate my cat just typed that. hahah it looks cool so Im gonna leave it....)

    compared to DIY. The AG deluxe model costs about $200 not including shipping legitimate nutrients pH buffers air stone air pump or test kits. With that money you could easily set up your own efficent Ebb and Flow table. (not including lights, but would yield Ounces upon ounces more than the AG. The AG's lights will also become useless after a while.) I have a feeling that certain lady is going to find her way to this thread and say that the AG is meant for closet growers that can't fit much else. Well guess what, an ebb and flow will fit in your closet. Tightly, but still, you would have better results with a 4 gallon DWC even (if you cant fit an ebb and flow) than an Aerogarden.

    The Aerogarden is exteremely susceptible to Mold and therefore the plants Necrosis due to mold. The certain scammer-user trying to get us all to buy her manual says I don't know what I'm talking about. I have a very failed grow in an Aerogarden following all of her advice, therefore I am a legitimate source of how much the AG is a waste of money. By the way the reservoir is about a gallon big, even though it has 7 pods available. Therefore there is no way no matter what sized plant it is that 7 plants can fit into that reservoir. The scammer acknowledged this, she only grew one plant which was pretty healthy yielding an ounce or so, fooling many into thinking an actual crop is possible. Its not.

    Here is a link to (IMHO) the single most informative DIY video I've seen (and its not mine!! ahah)

    ebb and flow!
    [ame=""]YouTube - I GROW CHRONIC - PART 1 (legendado)[/ame]

    In conclusion the only efficient use of the Aerogarden would be to keep clones alive for the first week or so. Even then there are much cheaper options, though.
  2. I agree, the AG is better built then bought. The only thing dumber then the AG is the "I Grow Cronic" guy. He tell folks to spray club soda on their plants and a bunch of other lame tid-bitz of horse shit.

  3. Funny I was thinking the same thing:smoke:

    If you cant DIY, then why do it:rolleyes:
  4. hahaha, the i grow chronic guy, I like when he refers to rooting gel as magic juice, hella lame. but his video is worth a watch I guess. I prefer the High Times Ready Set Grow and Jorge Cervantes videos myself.
  5. I recently read the thread you are refering to with the AG woman and her manual. I was wondering is this to good to be true? Lol thanks for clearing this up!
  6. yeah man Jorge is awesome. I havnt had the chance to check out his grow vids yet though, all this money goin to growin hopefully soon though. Im gonna go check on youtube right now...

  7. definitely amigo, that manual of your's is awesome man I'm sure it's helped produce pounds and pounds by now from people seeing it on here
  8. Haha, that clip is off the first grow dvd I ever saw and started me growing before I found GC! Must add that Im doing much better since finding GC!
  9. I actually just "read" through a certain someone's post about the AeroGarden, and I'm having trouble believing it too. I don't doubt she had it working, I just doubt it works for everyone. anyways, is the AeroGarden a waste because commercial hydroponic systems are generally expensive and not worth it, or do I have to find the right one?

    I've heard good things about the Magic Hydro Aero-4
  10. It says designed for small plants with growth not to exceed 2 months. Might be good for autos. *shrug* I plant in a 5 gallon bucket and the roots entirely fill it with 60 days.

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