Don't want to be a party pooper.

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  1. So my boyfriend wants to go to a huge party his old fraternity is hosting labor day weekend and there are a few particular people that are going to be there who I am not a fan of.

    One is a girl who he was randomly fucking prior to me and she gave him an STD and as a result was given to me because he didn't know about it when we first started seeing each other. I am afraid this bitch would start shit with me and I am really not a fighter. Another person is one of his fraternity brothers who has said really mean things about me when I have not even met this dude.

    I really do not want to go, but I do not think I can trust him to go to this party by himself. I trust him any other time he goes out, but there is something about this party I do not feel right about. How can I suggest we do something different without coming off overbearing?
  2. you are being a party pooper, just because you dont like the people dosent mean he cant go, let him go on his own if you "trust" him you should trust him in all senarios & situations not just the ones youre there to keep an eye on.
    how would you feel if there was something coming up that you were really looking forward to and he turned around and said he didnt want you to go?
    you say you dont want to be over bearing but thats exactly what you are being, hes his own person, he doesent belong t you let him do his own thing & make his own decisions
  3. Yo, op, just go with the intent of having fun with your bf. Don't let drama get in the way of a good time. If those two people want to start shit, let them start it; they are only trying to start a confrontation, which is dumb.

    Just remember if they get in your grill neutralize the situation by being respectful, assertive, and genuine when telling them to fuck off.

    also, maybe bring a pre-rolled, fat blunt. Everybody likes a fat blunt
  4. go to party....

    if people start shit, just dont do anything... dont start shit back, dont talk to them, dont do shit

    in this situation... if they are acting like idiots starting shit and you have done nothing, a) they will look like fucking idiots, and b) your boyfriend will likely realize fraternity related shit and the "greek world" were fucking stupid and always will be

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