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  1. I made plans with my friend to smoke next weekend. Just a few minutes ago he shoots me a text saying that his girlfriend, who's best friends with my ex, wants to tag along. No big deal. But she wants to bring my ex with her. I know if she comes she'll start with her i miss you shit and I'll just get pissed and leave. What should I do?

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  2. just tell em you don't wanna be there if your ex is going to. originally it was just you and your friend so if your boy doesn't step in and his girl invites your ex anyway, well.. whats your guys thing again? bros before hos? yea he needs to learn that.

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  3. Just say no.
  4. dude, your buddies suck. I just read your other thread.. one buddy is hanging is letting your ex hang over you and your other buddy is fucking your potential scores. You need new friends.
    Don't put yourself in a situation that you don't want to be in if you don't have to.
  5. You got a point. I've got a few shitty friends but when I need them they come through. Other than these couple situations I haven't been screwed over before

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  6. Bringing ex girlfriends around often isn't good.. but maybe you guys will get really high and she'll fuck you one last time, OP. No pun.
    These are "screwed over" situations. Your buddy is letting his girl bring your friend... basically, he's being her bitch instead of your friend.
  8. He is her bitch. I've been telling him that for a while

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  9. This is advice.

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  10. Sorry to say this OP but in your circle of friends, I think you're beta as fuck.

    Time to flex some nuts OP.

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  11. just give it a go man and be chill. show your ex the fun and loving stoner she missed out on. plus she might get horny and hit the dong instead of the bong
  12. Get blazed and tell her you are too faded to do shit but she can blow you
  13. Who cares if she says she misses you? You just say nah and take a fat rip.

    You'll probably get laid too :)

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  14. Alright so we smoked and ended up in bed. And again the next Two days. Then today I saw her with a guy she used to fuck, like riding around with her. So as soon as I saw her I was like no its done. She started ballin and said she's gonna try to kill herself again. Wtf?

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  15. You goddamn fool, when it comes to ex's you have one job, fucking never see them again. 
  16. This...this is the best advice ever given.
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    Damn that bitch is making her bed and shes gonna have to sleep in it.

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