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    I'm not saying don't get a ballot, but if you can't really fill good about voting for a candidate and you're just picking the lesser of two evils then you really ought to consider leaving it blank. Sure, you could vote for a third party candidate but you know damn well that they won't win.

    So go to the polling place and get a ballot, and leave it blank. It's a lot better than continuing to encourage these clowns by participating in this joke of an election. There's only one bubble I'll be filling in on my ballot, and it's for legal weed.

    Clinton will probably win anyway and die before she's even president for two years. Pay close attention, she's not well, her time is fast approaching. None of us can escape our own mortality...
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  2. Lol, oh sorry was I supposed to take that seriously?
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  3. Take it however you want
  4. Hilariously, got it.
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  5. Go ahead, waste your vote. I'm going to make a difference with mine.
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  6. I will vote but at the end of the day I have no doubt that the president is just a puppet and some guys behind the curtain are pulling the strings. So really it probably doesn't even matter anyway.
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  7. Why do you act like that?

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  8. I dont think my views are unknown around here, but i feel i should participate anyway.

    I agree with you, fundamentally i am against voting, but especially for the two vile creatures before us.

    Gary Johnson might be vastly less evil than the other two, but im still not sold on him. I would encourage anyone who IS voting to vote for him instead of the others.

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  9. I've never understood the notion that you shouldn't vote unless there's a perfect candidate. People think they're making some kind of moral stand by not voting, when in reality the only way to waste your vote is to not use it.
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  10. If you're gonna vote, at least do it in a 3rd party...then you won't be in the 'Hey, I'm retarded' club :smoking:
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  11. If everyone did as i do we would have what?

    Perfect candidate


    No candidate

    If everyone did as you do


    Congratulations for not wasting your vote

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  12. All that stuffs rigged anyway the one with all the most donations the winner
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  13. I'm definitely voting, this is an important election.
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  14. Why do intelligent people waste time on voting???

    It's like voting your 'America's got talent' shows.
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  15. I'm with you Op, no point in voting.
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  16. Where the fuck have you guys been? This man has been running for president since 1972. They took Nixon over this man? Tom Hanks is going to be his VP. Damn that's gotta be the best VP ever. Tom fucking Hanks. Yeea! I bet these guys would legalize weed and I mean really legalize it on their first day in office.

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  17. We need a liberal in the white house
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  18. Id say we hav one....aint that kinda y were n r situation were n?all this revised medicare/medicaid security was never meant as a retirement plan,it was to pay for medical for those who cant...
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  19. We need cheaper schooling,and jobs so people can support themselves and prepare for retirement..we need to live within r means also cause having credit/payments is not owning something...mayb live off the land more with our food live our ancestors....those r positive changes that need to b made..and no one person (president) is gonna push us n that direction...
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  20. No hes a fucking dictator. Executive decisions my fucking dick. Fuck that shit.
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