Don't Vote For Nadar!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. hey gc,
    I was just thinking about politics the other day and an interesting thought donned on me. The only people who stand a real chance of winning the presidential election are either Bush or Kerry. I am sure that everyone here is sick of Bush and would like to see someone else in office. Although Nadar does have some good qualities, he does not stand a chance winning, only Kerry does. Nadar is only going to receive a very small percentage of the vote anyway. So casting a vote for Nadar is basically like voting for Bush. Although some may like Nadar better than Kerry, it's important to vote for Kerry because Kerry is of course better than Bush. So please, grasscity members, make the right decision in the polls this November and vote for Kerry. The number of grasscity forum members outnumbers the amount of people it would have taken to influence the 2000 election.
  2. Finally people are starting to realise this, check out for even more information.
  3. Well not like id vote any way stupid polititions lol
    Only way i would vote is if the canidate was Strongly for the leagalization of marijuana..

  4. youre an idiot
  5. your mean ^^^
  6. loo.. althought what he said was pretty stupid.....
  7. you should always vote. Even though they might not take a stance on the most important topic(weed) it still matters who is our president. There are other issues that need fixing in this country so try to vote on them and just keep hoping a pro legalization candidate comes along.

    Myself, I'm libertarian(legalize weed, stop censorship, more healthcare, keep the governments out of our lives, etc. for their policies) but my vote would be wasted if I put it towards them. Due to my hatred and fear of Bush I'll be voting Kerry for president and libertarians for house and senate seats. If it wasn't going to be such a close election I'd show my support for my party but since it's gonna come down to the wire I figure I'll cast a vote that might actually matter.

    Read an article in the newspaper yesterday. Most people who will vote for Nader originally intended on voting for Kerry. Voting for Nader is basically just helping Bush win, whether you like it or not. Both republicans and democrats are worthless for this country but currently they have the power. Gotta vote for one of them, I'd go for the lesser of two evils.
  8. i will be packin my bags and movin to the heart of australia if that awful man is re-elected......
  9. im staying in switzerland if bush is re-elected...
  10. I'm planning on living in Canada anyway eventually... I'll just move there quicker if Bush wins. If I become a citizen soon enough, maybe I can avoid the draft.

    Does anyone live in the Québec area? How is it, weed-wise, culturally, etc.? If Québec's a bad place to go, where SHOULD I be going? BC?
  11. Support gun control? no.

    Who are you to be taking away people right to protect themselves?
  12. do they have swissmiss hot coco in switserland swisschris

    that stuff is good

    and vote for karry(i add this so its not completly dumb)
  13. I think they all suck. But I'll probably have to go with Kerry, even though he's not much better than Bush.

    Chronic420, you're a poop on a stick : - D : - P

  14. damn right i am. your vote affects me too you know.
  15. lol, someone start a poll on this shit. i kinda want to see where GC stands as far who they would like to have for the next president, im voting for Kerry, Bush scares me, and i will be more scared if he's re-elected.
  16. If any party including and independent party starts getting just a few more votes each year, something like 5 or 6% more <didn't research much> , stronger government funding will start to come to the party. If that happened 2 ruling parties wouldn't be the situation anymore. But it really is important to get bush out of office. I think i'll be voting for kerry. Here's a site for you

  17. the name of the site says it all..........................

    and i second what Namynam said...... are an idiot............

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