Dont Use Mflbs Concentrate Trays If You Depend On Stealth

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    So I'm a bit pissed because I got the concentrate trays for the Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) which I use primarily for stealth. I cannot risk something with a lot of smell where I live. I was not aware that the concentrate trays would stink so bad when cleaning them with a torch. After the nearly $20 trays, plus the  $79 PA 2.0 so the box gets hot enough (as per MFLB themselves), the $4 for butane and the $35 butane torch I had to buy to clean the trays, I'm pretty fucking pissed. I am very low income and these were things I went out of my way to purchase because I believed they were just as stealthy as the box itself since nothing is mentioned anywhere on MFLB's site about the overwhelming stench. I will never use any of those items again because I can't risk getting caught and I have no other uses for them. 
    I went to clean the trays like MFLB recommends with a butane torch and holy fuck the stench. I set up two fans beforehand just to combat any possible little smell and it was nowhere near enough. The smell completely filled my entire home and I very nearly suffered serious consequences for that when I was caught. 
    I could have purchased two different concentrate vapes for the amount I spent and I KNOW those are stealthy with little odor. Now I'm out a shit ton of money for things I can't risk using because I didn't know it would be like that. MFLB prides itself on the fact that those produce little odor and market their brand towards that idea. It should be mentioned that using the trays can give off serious odor.
    Beware if you need to be covert. 

  2. Can you use iso alcohol to clean it instead? I don't really know what you are working with but I use it for cleaning my stuff.
  3. Wait so you are pissed because weed smells? Get the fuck over it.
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    That really sucks. However, if I'm reading your post correctly, the trays got stinky when you were cleaning them with a butane torch. Did the trays get stinky during actual usage or just during cleaning? 
    The reason I'm asking is because my MFLB gets stinky when I clean it doing their deep clean method, which involves holding in the battery with the top open and letting whatever is in there vaporize off. It DOES stink things up, but then again, I have the top open and I'm applying heat to residue... I expect a smell to come from it.
    The MFLB is stealthy when you use it, however, cleaning usually isn't a stealthy activity to begin with. I'd take the advice and use ISO to clean it as opposed to a torch. You're applying heat to it so its going to produce a smell. Unless you're cleaning the tray in the MFLB with the top shut... in that case it really won't get cleaned. Expecting the MFLB to not smell 100% of the time, even if you're cleaning it with all its guts out in the open with nothing to contain said smell, and you apply heat to it, is unrealistic.
  5. Not sure about the MFLB particularly, but I clean my ego with concentrate bulb using iso alcohol and q tips. U can't smell it 5 ft away. It also wipes any residues off my pocket knife and stir tool.

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    See thats the thing. He should've used ISO given his situation, but MF gives recommended cleaning methods. Most of them are a combo of applying heat then wiping with ISO and applying heat again (at least for a deep clean of the dry herb trench.. .I know the trays they just say use a butane torch but I'm sure there are other methods).
    Oh well hopefully he figures it out...
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    MFLB says the trays have to be cleaned with a butane torch. I had previously tried cleaning the trays with 91% ISO and it didn't clear any residue off the trays. 
    I'm not pissed the weed smells. I'm pissed because there was never any mention on how overwhelming the stench is when cleaning. 
    I'm pissed because I was caught and I had no idea there would be a problem and I had even searched online beforehand. I clean my box all the time with ISO and yeah, it smells but it is nowhere near as strong as the smell when trying to clean the trays. I used my box for a year with no issues whatsoever. So I thought I would get some accessories since there was no mention it could cause a problem. I don't dab normally so I don't know what type of smells that produces, I use the MFLB for the stealth they pride themselves on. There should be a bit of a warning so people know in advance. 
    If I would have known it would be a possible issue I would have never bought the trays to begin with.
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    I see... I'm not familiar with the trays either and just a dry herb user. I not into dabbing so I probably won't go there. That really sucks about the trays being super stinky when you clean them. I'd imagine it has to do with the concentration thats in the wax thats causing the issue. After all, it is concentrated, so it will be stronger, on all fronts. 
    While I do somewhat agree with you that MF should put, not really a warning but an informative note on the stench that comes from cleaning it with the torch, I think that partially the user is also responsible for understanding what they're getting into. I also think the reason that you didn't find any info anywhere is because most of us don't really take cleaning that seriously if you know what I mean. Basically we just clean our stuff, and think nothing of it. Your situation is unique where you really have to keep the stink down to a manageable level. Me, I just go out in my garage if I know I'm going to have a stinky clean up session lol.
    All that being said, I wish there was some advice I could give that would make it easier on the stink. Unfortunately I don't :(  Maybe some fellow MFLB users who use the trays could chime in and see if they could help our fellow blade here? Is there a place you could clean it where it doesn't matter how strong the stench is?
    But I do agree... you probably would have been better off with a dabbing pen rather than the MFLB trays. Have you tried to talk to MF and see if they'll entertain a refund maybe?
  9. There's not anywhere I can really go to clean them unfortunately. I'm just shocked at how strong the smell was. Like I mentioned, I've cleaned my box many times with a hot ISO wash and that is nothing compared to what I experienced cleaning the box. I had someone knock on my door in the middle of the night because the stench escaped my home. That is pretty insane since I stopped cleaning it almost immediately after starting. There are bits of info online about the smell when cleaning the box itself with heat and ISO. I searched the best I could for a few weeks before buying just to make sure. I never saw one mention of issues when cleaning the trays so I figured it would be similar to a hot ISO wash. That was most definitely not the case. 
    How can people be expected to "know what they're getting into" when the other vape pens don't cause anything like that, and the regular box itself doesn't cause that? I stand by the idea MFLB should mention it on the site at the very least because vapes are still relatively new and increasing in popularity. With the current legalization/decriminalization movement many people are using marijuana that haven't ever used it before and don't know much about it. I searched high and low to make sure it wouldn't be a problem and still had someone knocking on my door because of how strong the smell was. 
  10. Of course it's going to smell compared to soaking something in iso, you're burning whatever residue is left behind. If you went outside this wouldn't have happened.
  11. It is not magic flights responsibility to tell you that putting a torch on to concentrate residue will create smell. Use some common sense.
  12. If I would have gone outside I would have put myself in a situation to become homeless again. I can't risk that. 
    Again, I knew there would be smell. I set up fans and everything specifically for that. I had no idea it would be overpowering enough to have someone knock on my door asking if I was alright or if my place was on fire. 
    Maybe I just don't have as much brilliant common sense as everyone else or whatever. But others are out there that probably could benefit from this and may want to forgo these items. I'm still relatively new to MMJ and although I've read and read and read and asked questions and delved into all sorts of research articles and everything else; I had no idea it would be like that for the trays. I've used chemicals and fire for other things inside and never had anything even close to that experience. I thought I was prepared and informed and actually tried to find info before buying. It was a huge mistake and could have ended with devastating consequences if the wrong person would have showed up. 
  13. If it smells that much I'm sure someone will appreciate this thread in the future when they search for information like you did. Thanks for putting the information out there.  :smoke:
  14. Thanks, Patent. 
    I know I'm pissed and upset and coming across that way. But I very nearly put myself in a position to lose my home and some of my other benefits. I tried to research before and there was nothing. So while I posted this while feeling extremely upset, people should be aware. Someone thought my home was burning at a time when nearly everyone in the area is sleeping. That's how strong it was. It's nothing like a hot ISO cleaning or not having enough common sense. I made preparations and it was still very overwhelming. I just wish I would have known so I could have not bought the product and spent the money on a vape that is actually much more discreet for concentrates whether cleaning or actually using the item.
  15. Well the info is up and thats whats important. It sucks you had to be a guinea pig for it.

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  16. Not trying to be a dick but, the reason why the mflb doesnt stink that bad is because it doesnt get hot enough to combust. But with a torch that gets to 1000+ degrees its not that surprising that it has a stronger odor

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    Ironically he wasn't using it to smoke at the time but to clean the trays out. I understand he's upset that they smelled extremely strong to the point that it woke people up and had them running to his house to see if it was on fire; but I guess I'm just still processing this. Nothing in regards to usage as far as it smelling so bad during the actual vaping of the wax, but cleaning was what got them upset.
    Again, no matter, the info is up here for those that want to find this.... 
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    Yes it is.
    That said, the concentrate tray has been around for over a year, and this is the first time I've heard this.
    I don't doubt it happened. But is it possible there were other circumstances?
    "Someone thought my home was burning at a time when nearly everyone in the area is sleeping. That's how strong it was"
    "But I very nearly put myself in a position to lose my home and some of my other benefits."
    Just sounds so fishy. I've flamed out so many bowls in my day to clean them, horrible black smoke and tons of odor. But, the only people who may have smelled it would be inside my home already.
    What is the actual story OP? Who smelled it and thought your home was on fire? Occupants of your home? Or neighbors? Do you live in a house, or an apartment? And what are these benefits you're in a position to lose, and why would you lose them?
    I think if you're going to post such a warning about a product, you should be detailed about your situation. Because it may be very different from mine or any one else, and not be a concern.
  19. Pretty sure they don't do that 

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