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Dont use a grinder...unless your rolling a spliff

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dank., Aug 14, 2011.

  1. spliffs need the nice grind, but bongs and pieps dont.

    Plus they steal your precious thc from your nugs, and alot of it too.
  2. i grind my weed every time i smoke a bowl and i get high as shit without using a lot of weed, so.
  3. dont roll a spliff.... unless you dont like the taste of weed
  4. well, I dunno, after grinding multiple times without properly emptying out all the residue (knocking the two grinder pieces super hard), I get a fine film of crystal/powder that builds up in there. I'll empty it out every once in a while into a joint and it gets me blasted into the stratosphere like super mad clutch with great justice
  5. A properly rolled spliff will make the taste of weed faaaaar greater then a bong, unless your using a hakko, how can torching your weed with a flame possibly provide grater taste then vaporizing your herb with the hot air/smoke?
  6. I grind. No matter what I smoke out of. Even though I had some sticky weed (expensive and not very potent...shitty dealer) lately which was hard to grind since it was sticking to the grinders teeths all the time.
  7. Yeah i find that collecting the massive amount of kief can be rewarding, but right now im blazing some chron that doesnt have much kief and I see green residue sticking on the sides of the grinder, and its getting harder to turn.

    I just decided to take a couple snips with my scissors and i dunno if its just me but im getting blitzed with heavier bowls that actually weigh less then if it was grounded
  8. sometimes I do enjoy grinding with scissors over grinders. It also really depends on how dry your hands are to be manipulating your nugs to grind. Some peoples' hands are really clammy and oily, and those people should be using grinders :D
  9. i avoid chron to contact my skin at all times, i just fold up a paper and drop the scizzors in, 4 snips out of a nug and its done.
  10. Meh, I find that using a grinder greatly enhances the taste and high and doesn't waste any weed.

  11. Scissors OR DIE-

    i havent let go of mine in over a year...
  12. I've had enough of the prejudice towards grinders! They don't steal your thc, they reside in the compartment for later! the bit they take off each time is unnoticeable to your high, but it builds up nicely.

    fatty kief joint/kief bowl > _
  13. what about the green splotches all on the teeth and the holes in the grinder, thats all built up thc that just builds up more and more and makes your grinder harder to turn..

    cant do shit with that unless you try to do a qwiso bath but that sucks and usually turns out bad
  14. A long time smoking buddy of mine always grinds his weed, and when he does, we always get a nice little kief reward for later. I scissor my weed, personally, I break it up with my fingers, pull the stems out, throw it in a shot glass, and go to town with the scissors. Or I'll just be lazy break it up with my fingers, meh :smoking:
  15. I recently started using a grinder without a kief catcher and im satisfied. Ive always pondered why we collect kief.. i mean i get it.. it is cool as fuck being able to roll a joint of straight kief but the thought of loosing thc from the bud im about to smoke is kinda uneasy.
  16. I've never used a grinder... I just never bothered to get one :cool:

    I just break it into smaller buds If I'm using my pipe, and use scissors in a shot glass if I'm rolling.
  17. You grind it up and Corner it. Only takes one time to spark a shake bowl.
  18. Apparently Op has no idea what he is talking about.
  19. Fuck it! If you paid your precious hard earned dollars for the weed to enjoy it and get high , by all means smoke EVERY DAMN CRYSTAL! that means scissors are the best way to break up your herb BESIDES a grinder- but hey if you use the scissors you can smoke ALL your shit right then. and even determine how coarse or fine you want your weed- and only 2 blades for the crystals to stick to vs 50...

  20. Actually thats built up plant matter and there is really not much thc at all in it. If you take a brush you can get every crystal out of a grinder. It's really not that hard.

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