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Dont understand the hype about Purp...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BluntsOrDie, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I really don't understand why people I meet are so impressed with purple strains. I prefer a frosty white nug than a dark one. And Ive never had a very potent purp, there awesome, but the light green colored strains get me much more stoned. What experiences have you guys had with the purple varieties??
  2. It's just personal preference.

    But I think a lot of the younger people like purp because that is what all of today's rappers rap about.
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    Just the fact your smoking purple herbs is cool lol, at least here it's very rare to come across. Honestly though I prefer green frosty buds myself though :)

    But I've never smoked any purple yet :( just been told about some around when I'm already getting a different strain
  4. Just because it's harder to come across farther from California I know over here on the east coast people payin 450 a zip over anything purple
  5. There is nothing special about it. All purple means is that particular strain has a purple genome in it. It is very possible to have shitty bud that has purple in it. Not all purple bud is dank.
  6. Because people feel the need to be different to be have purple weed makes them feel above the rest

    even though its more of the white crystals you should be worrying about but no lil people rapped about it yet
  7. Purple is nothing special to me(despite my avatar) but I certainly don't mind having it.

    I did get some nice grandaddy purp this one time though. It was perfectly grown/manicured and was a great smoke. I'd probably put it in my top 5.
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    lol you have never had good purple bud then man mine is dark with hella crystals all over white as fuck i tried getting a pic of it but cant really see the crystals to well lol. Honestly the Goo where i go rapes everyone, literally everyone that tries it wants some it has tested at 29% THC with my spence

    Edit: (link to page with SOME testing) also look at blackberry it is always coated to hell with crystals as well lol.
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    And the sad truth is alot of purple buds these days arent even from strains with purple in it. Most of them are just buds that were grown improperly with to cool of nighttime temperatures that caused it, meanwhile all the little wanna be rappers are paying extra for this bud.
  10. purple usually means the plant was in too cold of temperatures like some alaskan outdoor. They figured out how to grow it that way later after some dude with a screwed up crop told some stupid kids that the purple meant it was danker.
  11. Anyone who's willing to pay 450 an ounce for purple is dumb, simple as that.

    Purple weed is wayyyyy wayyyyy wayyyyy over hyped, you can thank the rap game for that one.

  12. The only thing I'd pay 450 an ounce for is GOLD. Now that would be a good deal
  13. Most of the purps couch lock me haha. I've had gdp about 7 or 8 times and it would be in my top 5. Put diff kinds of purple in front of me and I'll pick out the gdp because of its distinct smell. Same with kushes. I don't get the hype with it either.
  14. i'm had some dank ass purple before. but like others have said the purple didnt have anything to do with the dankness. dank comes in all colors :)
  15. "purple" strains got there popularity for there medical benefits before rappers started rapping about it. "Purple" is synonymous for Indica which has more medical benefits than Sativa.
  16. I'd pay 450 for an ounce of $100 bills. ;)
  17. sorry for bursting your buubble but this goes for every strain of weed there exists, but doesnt apply to all the purple. theres a way to tell just by looking at it its purple naturally or no. I know that everytime i had purple bud, it always had that purple/grape/dark berry smell, the rest of the smells composing the scent were skunky, hashy depening on type for example blackbery kush vs purple kush. And to the op, almost all the most powerful imndicas ive smoked are purple, notaby purple kush, i rolled a 1.5 g kingsize j smoked it to my face was TOO high for an hour tyring to comedown then passed out. i can smoke an ounce and not pass out of good haze, diesel even kush if i had some sleep have some munchies and entertainment

  18. This is not true. Indicas are MUCH more likely to turn purple under cold temperatures. Why? Because Indicas are a natural evolution of Sativa's that were grown in the mountains of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Try to take a Sativa below 55F for more than a couple hours and see what happens to it, do that same thing with an Indica and you'll have some nice shades of purple.
  19. purp = bed time
  20. idk im a heavy smoker, smoke like 4-5 g cuz i like to actually get the hallucinogen part of the weed at one session. But when my dealer got some purp he was talkin all hyp and stuff... i tride the shit out, ive never had anything more sticky and i got as high as i do with 3-5g on 0.5g it was pretty crazy. its a shame i got arrested that night lol

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