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Don't understand the hype about PURP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BluntsOrDie, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I really don't understand why people I meet are so impressed with purple strains. I prefer a frosty white nug than a dark one. And Ive never had a very potent purp, there awesome, but the light green colored strains get me much more stoned. What experiences have you guys had with the purple varieties??
  2. They taste unique and they provide a nice contrast of flavor to other 'green' strains for the connoisseur smoker. And don't be too quick to dismiss purples as being not as strong. I have three purples in my stash at the moment; GDP, Grape Ape and Purple Kush -all of which are KO strains with lots of sparkly trichomes. There is a lot of variance among these three strains from place-to-place, but I found a place that always gets super purples and so I only go there when I'm running low.

    Purples have a richer, creamier flavor, in my opinion. I think part of it is that they don't have the chlorophyl taste. Yeah, I probably give up a few % points on the THC level, but a good purple fills in the flavor palette that no green strain can match.

  3. Yea that's what I was trying to get at. The majority of the people I meet will pick up a bag of a purple strain just because it looks dank. I guess I care more for the overall buzz than looks and taste.
  4. Purps are for newbs!
  5. ive got a purp variety rite now, he called it blue dream, but i called bullshit instantly hahaha
    i could tell as soon as i smell it, purp. but its a nice laid back kinda jungle green color.
    not a bright green. its mellow. but its very pretty, little orange hairs to balance colors haha
    nice trichs covering the surface nd other places.
    the high though,
    oh my god, its insane. soooo fucking intense. ive actually been holding on to my last nug of it for over a month now. shit is sooo good. welds you to any surface, guaranteed
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    You been smoking the wrong purple then....
    I haven't smoked a bunch of popular strains like sour D so maybe i can't judge yet? But i've had -Cheese, Kush, & A bunch of random unknown danks recently. & Purp is probably the strongest I remember. Purple the ONLY strain i've had a problem with the smell to come through a mason jar. shit is pretty potent. Smell is extremely hard to contain compared to all other dank i've came across.

    But yeah i rather have some light green bud too, Just because light green is harder for me to find then purp down here.
  7. Purps Are Usually Indica Dominent in my opinion most the time though when female plants are exposed to cool low temperature the buds tend to turn purple because of the cool temp. purps usually have the Body Stone Indica effect as well.
  8. Purple strains with purple genetics are great,ill never buy Purp but I won't turn it down if someone offers...but u gotta watch for people selling their bud as purple,some growers induce purple-ness (yes,purple-Ness) with cold temperature on non Purp plants
  9. I'm sorry you've never smoked a good purple before. My favorite purp was a batch of grandaddy i got a while back it was extremely potent, it made feel drunk i couldn't walk straight...i have yet to find another strain of any color that packed a punch like that.

  10. For me personally, the process(looking and smelling)/time leading up to the smoking is also a lot of fun. Also, where I live all the weed is green, so purple is "exotic". It's like saying everybody drives a red car, wouldn't you be tempted to buy a car with a different color? I hope this makes sense. I will probably get my first purple weed in a week or two.
  11. Its based on personal preference some love purple an others just hate on it... Any legit purple is bomb
  12. Dude. It's fucking PURPLE.
  13. I agree, purp is nothing special. Just pretty to look at.
  14. purrrrp why smoke green wen u can smoke purp!?!?

    Nah, but I also love the unique grapey, piney smell of purple bud.
    Maybe it's just me but purps are usually more stoned, indica highs and taste a lot better especially through a vape. Mmmm just love to pack me a nice grapy mflb trench of purp...
  15. It just depends on the strain and how good the bud is really. The color doesn't really matter. A lot of plants come in purple, like basil. I grow green and purple basil.
  16. Everyone was so crazy about the purples because they were the first real change in mj that people noticed. When purple plants started becoming popular it's cuz we were all used to seeing shitty Mexican shwag. So purple , or the idea of purple buds just grabbed the attention..the only ones ive really enjoyed is grape ape and purple erkle. All my opinion though, but something about purple buds draws people especially new growers only because it looks cool and different. IMO
  17. I'm not crazy or anything bout smoking only purp. But ultra violet is however the best weed ive ever smoked. Crazy crazy trichromes
  18. purple kush is best weed ive ever had it tastes so strong but good after about 2 powls i had to stop because it tastes to good
  19. a lot of legit MMJ peeps dislike purp, cuz the stone is too heavy, sleepy.
  20. #20 runthistown18, Mar 12, 2012
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    Purple.....Exotic? I would call Silver Haze, Green Crack, & White Widdow exotic before purp. How the hell can some strains be common in some state but not the others. Do drug cartel only ship certain strains to certain states or something? lol.

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