dont u love the creepers.

Discussion in 'General' started by Sir Tokes Alot, May 15, 2010.

  1. I wasn't high when I smoked like 10 mins ago but now I am startin to get really really baked. I fuckin love creepers so much :smoking::wave:
  2. With my tolerance all weed is creeper :p
  3. I think it's slightly stoopid, I am listening to them right now and its gettin me in that baked mood.
  4. hahah this niggga loves creepers
  5. creeper high like a missing number
  6. haha I love that.
    Usually happens to me when I'm driving with a friend and we're tokin on our way to some place. We'll smoke and be driving still and be like "man! I'm not even that high.." then get out of the car to go wherever we're goin and it'll just hit me like Oh shit I am baked.
  7. Lmfao you love creepers, you sick sick man
  8. lolol im trippin on this!

  9. I took the the title totally wrong. I thought you meant creeper as in like a creepy ass old rusty man or and charco colored mr.miyagi.

    damm karate kid marathon and a j
  10. Creepers are good under the right circumstances. One time me and my buddy smoked some hits off of a blunt before going into work. Neither of us felt too much after half th eblunt, so we decided to kill it. Still not too high, we stroll into work and punch-in. He goes to the cooler to start food prep, and i'm running over to toss the meatballs on the stove (local pizza place). Anyways, it hits me out of nowhere! I mean BAM! I sort of had to do a double take before setting the stove up for the food. My friend then comes out of the cooler with the goofiest look on his face and mumbles, haha god damn. It ended up being a weird ass day at work. I could hardly make out what my coworkers were saying (soooooooo fucking high) and my friend was snacking on pepperonis and hunks of cheese the whole god damn day. I think our boss knew something was up with us, because he fucked with us the entire day.
    Moral of the story, keep your creeps for for the right time.
  11. lol weed is a creeper? :confused:
  12. I'm a victim

    One minute you're not feeling high, the next minute... you can't remember what you felt like two minutes ago so it's irrelevant as you're floating off into this spacey highland, where your thoughts extend into subconscious realities and tangents override your intellect, but you remain in control and are calm and happy and you just want something to eat. Like a breakfast burrito. Or an oven-baked sandwich.
  13. Sounds like a psych disorder or a thought process. It could be the weed. you're not sure if this is the chronic you thought it was.

  14. Excellent idea.

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