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dont u hate when ppl think weed is worse than alochol

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wanmower, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. seriously!! i hate when ppl who drink a lot (everyday, messed up their liver) tell me that weed is bad. like how hypocritical can someone be?
    i was on a weekend trip to reno/tahoe with some friends & i have a high tolerance (hey ive been smoking for almost 3 years.sue me) so i smoke more than anyone there. and the alocholic has the nerve to ask me if i've had enough for today. then he goes on saying that ppl that smoke are lazy, don't contribute to society, and live in their own world.

    yet somehow smoking 1/2 a pack of cigs a day & drinking a lot contributes so much to society (oh, other than violence, littering, etc) but hey, im just a LAZY stoner so what do i know?

    grrrr. its weed not meth! i smoke weed every single day & i get all my shit done just as well as with out it. i do my work, clean, go to school, & i know tons of random & sometimes useless facts (i want to go on jeopard one day).

    anyone else have this problem??
  2. oh & i have no problem with ppl that drink or smoke ciggs.

    just that one person!
  3. yes. when i was 16, my parents didnt give a fuck if i drank but they didnt want me to do illegal drugs like weed.
  4. I wish I didn't... Sadly enough these are the types of stereotypes that come about after 40 years of the war on drugs.... It drives me insane
  5. I'm glad to hear that you know tons of random & sometimes useless facts .

    hope you make it to jeopardy man
  6. 1. I try not to contribute to society, but they fuck me with tax forms during pre-employment.:cool:

    2. My world, trust me...Is a fuckton better than the current one.:cool:

    3. Fuck off my cigs and beer, boy, 'dems fightin' words.:cool:

    4. Jeopardy...Do it, I dare you.:cool:
  7. Yeah bro I definitely understand, people can be stupid. I get my shit done, I go to college and I have a job!
  8. Oh, and to answer your question...No...Because I don't give a fuck, I'm a 300 pound Samoan attorney, Goddamnit! Try and be better than I am, man!:cool:
  9. Yeah my sister can party every weekend, but when it comes to talking about smoking weed, she gets this smug attitude.

  10. You could not go to jail for beer but the pig would send you to jail for weed
    man beer is a fine for underage drinking

    I drink and smoke and smoke cigs I roll my own and roll some weed it with them
    too :smoke:
  11. You can thank the bullshit "war on drugs" and Obama for supporting it and turning against the innocent tax paying law abiding citizens that are getting sent to jail for smoking a joint.
  12. I've discontinued friendships with quite a few people because of the stereotypes they believed and reported to me about weed. I try to reason with them and educate them about how it's about self control and responsibility within the person using the drug, not the substance itself, but that hardly ever works. Some people are just ignorant no matter what, so whatevs I'll continue to toke it up and defy their out-dated, hypocritical statements :smoke:
  13. what's alochol? :p

  14. Alocholics are a serious problem in america :laughing:
  15. #15 stayhungry, Aug 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2011
    I feel you, i hate that as well. I went camping in Kern River about 2 years ago. This was the second time going , first time i knew everyone, second time i brought my bf along but i only knew about 5 people out of 20. ME AND MY BF WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO SMOKED, they were pounding beers since the morning, while we were smoking in our tent ( they thought we were sleeping) this girl started to shit talk about us and said wow they smoke to much, oh how i wanted to fucking yell at them for their alcohol consumption.
  16. I cant stand when people just straight up say
    Ignorant fucks.
  17. You guys sound like raging hippies.

    But they smoke too much weed, so they just sit around and complain in a drum circle.

  18. i try not to surround myself with stupidity:smoke:
  19. The thing I hate about Alcoholics, is when they drink to the point where it impairs their ability to drive, which endangers everyone on the road. Marijuana does the opposite, it enables you to drive more cautiously and avoid danger.
  20. you shouldnt have hid in your tent to smoke. its like your hiding it. me personally. dont give a fuck about what anybody thinks, because everybody else is retarded. straight up

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