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Dont U Hate It????

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WestCoastStoner, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. when u break ya pipe???

    i just got a new one like last month, and yesterday, it was a gift from my pops too......damn.....but im gettin a new one, same quality, but for 15 bucks.......damn this sucks.......
  2. ya man sucks ass i know broken many peices in my life
  3. i have only ever had one glass pipe, which is sittin in front of me right now. loaded and ready to go off :D
    it was 22 bucks, nice lil ccg spoon, ya know? blue and gold. i already broke the carb and hole in the bowl, but hey, they're bigger now, fatter hits :D had it for i guess a year.. i'll never break you, baby! ::MrCrim gives the pipe a kiss (if you know what i mean, heheh, don't look at me that way, you all kiss your paraphernalia, everyday i hope):: :D
  4. Never broken a piece, nope. That's probably because all I have is a spoon though... tough little motherfucker he is. That sucks though.
  5. I broke my very first piece :( Then my second one got taken by the cops. But I feel that I must always have a piece of my own, so this time I bought something I wouldnt be carrying around with me, so less chance of breaking or being confiscated. I looove my new bong =D
  6. back in the day i remember the tin foil, but now I have a very nice glass piece and a GREAT bong. there was this one time a friend and i were about to smoke and i dropped his hooka on the floor. he was so upset....
  7. yes i remember the only time i witnessed a pipe breaking, me and my cousin had just borrowed it from my other cousin to use on the fishing trip we were going on. it was the night before and we were in the garage tokin up and i see the pipe start to fall from my cousins hand in like slow motion. and very slowly it fell about halfway down where he tried to catch it again, but slowly slipped out of his fingers and shattered on the concrete, and he just dropped to his knees and looked to the sky screaming, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"
    It was seriously in slow motion with that ending. crazy/depressing shit.
  8. I don't understand how all these stoners keep breaking their pieces, lol, I'm the only person I know that's never broken a bowl, in fact I've had the same one for four years now. Actually I take that back, kind of, a year ago I did break a slider from my sister's bong but that's it :p
  9. I've never broken an actual piece (knocking on wood), but I've got bad luck with slides. My first one, my friends mom took when I let him borrow it (dumbass left it PACKED sitting on her BED), my hookah's slide fell out of the towel it was wrapped in and broke, and my bubbler's slide was confinscated by the police.

    One time I thought for sure my hookah's female (long, fragile) was done for. It fell off a 3 foot high table onto concrete, and nothing happened.

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