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Don't trust a book by it's cover

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by EmpireDRIFT, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. You don't think I asked to go in with him? Is that the question that everyone just happens not to ask then give their money away? Dealers don't just let you just walk in on their operation. If it was that easy, I wouldnt of had to give him the money and this thread would be nonexistent. People can keep posting that its a dumb idea but I just spoke with him, got my cash back AND will be getting a cheaper O plus an extra eighth on top of it for the inconvenience. Im going back to him within a few hours. I was right, it wasn't a stupid idea because he is trustworthy. Im glad I found him because my other dealer never would've made up for that. Im going to toke him up and enjoy the rest of the eighth to myself in the shape of Cheesecake Cookies :).
  2. What was his excuse?
  3. He was arrested but the person with him had a medical card and his own nug. He had nothing on him and the card checked out for the other person so they were released late yesterday. He thought we set him up at first but we talked about everything and were both cool. I think thats understandable. Either way, he refunded me nicely. He has my respect.
  4. Why would you trust a book in the first place?
  5. Dude change the title. You don't "TRUST" a book. That's not how the saying goes. It's 'judge' goddamit. JUDGE!!

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