Don't trust a book by it's cover

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  1. So in the last week or two, I met a new connect through good friends who had pretty dank stuff and cheap as hell ( 1100 for a qp compared to the average 1250+ ). My friend ended up buying a quarter off of him and he'd usually hop in the car, we'd bring him to a spot then he'd go get it and come back. He did and we got home and weighed it and it came out to like 5.8 or something dumb. They talked over it and he was really cool about it and ended up giving him like $70 worth of budder for make up for the lost 20. Okay, this kid now has respect back for replacing a mistake of his pretty quickly so we give him another shot. At this point, we've bought at least 3/4 oz worth off of him, mind you. Today, not too long ago, I was going to buy a qp but wanted to make sure I had my bills paid first so I went for an O. Usual routine, pick him up at the spot and bring him somewhere, give him the cash. About 20 minutes go by and I text him and hey what do you know? No response :). About 45mins to an hour now, repeatedly calling him and another "surprise" he didnt answer again :). I am now $300 short with no bud for the month. Please be careful with who you trust and some might say im dumb for even giving him money without bud but in my situation with a guy whos been around 247 and fixing his mistakes, you wouldnt exactly think he's going to rob you randomly one day.
  2. Yes actually i would expect him to rob me,he was just waiting till you wanted a bigger sack. Never front money to someone you don't know man.
  3. The same thing happened to me a week ago. It fucking sucks, man.
  4. You guys need to be smarter and think things through. No offence, but what GTW said is right, he was waiting for you to order a bigger bag, least it wasn't a qp though OP.
  5. The qp weighed 5.8 oz or g cuz 4oz is a qp
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    A quarter weighed 5.8 gs

  7. How do you confuse 5.8g with 4oz
  8. damn errrrrrbody in tha city is getting robbed
  9. I'm yet to be ripped off
  10. How are you gonna buy a big sack like that, and not have the person weigh it in front of you? Come on people, come on...
  11. Find this motherfucker and serve some justice!
  12. You know where he lives, are you just gonna let go of 300 bucks?

    Never go through a middle man, get someone who deals directly and scales it for you before you give up your money. Deal with people you know well. My boy has made more than 20 sales to me, he knows i have a scale, nothing shady ever goes down.
  13. Aint gonna hand over the money until i have the bud in my hand. Weed is expensive dont ever front people money, especially dealers
  14. I think you read that wrong. My friend bought a quarter off of him and it weighed 5.8 when it should've been 7. He made up for that.

    You guys need to be smarter and think things through. No offence, but what GTW said is right, he was waiting for you to order a bigger bag, least it wasn't a qp though OP. \t\t

    I did think things through, I dont just hand money to people stupidly all the time. This wasn't just your average dealer and good news might come. He called me this morning at 330 am but I was sleeping. I honestly don't think he robbed me especially now because he called me. What would you do? Steal $300 or $1100? Why would you risk jail or a violent situation over $300 when you can make $800 more by just waiting a day? That doesn't make sense to me. Hes much cooler than most dealers and he goes out of his way for you. Im going to wait to hear from him too. I gave him $330 two days ago and he came back out saying his dude overcharged him to 375 last minute and they got in a verbal fight. He came back to the car, said he couldn't do it and gave all my money back. Why didn't he rob me for $330 then too? It just seems strange to me.
  15. 1. I know quite a bit about him which another reason why I don't think he would. I hate violence but I had 3 cars ready to go to his house and get my money back.

    2. I don't like to but again, he's different. The last guy I have been grabbing from for over a year but its 350 for OKAY quality stuff. I know ill never have to scale it from him but this kid's supply is much more consistent, better quality and cheaper. $75 more a month towards bills would help incredibly.
  16. It's "judge" a book by its cover. That's how the saying goes. Why in the hell would you ever trust a book. It's a collection pf paper, for gods sake.
  17. I really don't understand how people just give their cash and wait for the guy to come back! That's one of the top ways to get robbed, I'm sorry but you should know better.
  18. Its not a matter of knowing better or knowing worse. I knew it was a risky situation and I obviously knew that I could've been robbed but thats when human perception comes into play. Some people have the better morality to actually follow through with what they say. He has shown this reliability on more than one occasion. I will be back with an update.
  19. You know he wouldn't go to jail for stealing your 300$ you were buying pot. Also don't front op

  20. im sorry but thats gotta be one of the dumbest plans ever. you kno how many threads have been made saying i got ripped off cuz i gave a guy money so HE could go get it for me. get your money, keep your money GO GET IT YOURSELF, jesus jus walk in the house with him next time its your money you should be allowed

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