Dont trim sativas as much??

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  1. I read an blog that said Sativas are different when you're trimming then Indicas. 
    You shouldn't trim sativas all the way to make them look pretty or you'll be disappointed with the results.
    It said that with sativas, you just cut the fan leaves and don't trim the other small little leaves.
    You only do this with Indica.......any truth to this?

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    You shouldn't trim much period. The fan leaves are your plant's workhorses.
    i think he's talking about after harvesting..
    but it sounds like stoner science to me anyway..
    i don't see how the results would be disappointing if you didn't trim the leaf off of the buds..
  4. sugar leaves add aroma of cureing buds as well as have many of their of trich's. This sounds like stoner science as generally buds have a much higher concentration. This advice seems to allude to the fact that sativa's are generally frostier.
    Personally, I find Sativa's a BITCH to trim compared to indicas. I do a very base trim with sativa's to save time. This could also be what they're referring to.
  5. Sorry...yes I mean after harvesting.I will be growing mainly sativa hybrids...girl dream...etc.Obviously you cut the fan leaves. But the other small single leaves; would I just cut them 50% each or all of it off?Sent from my SCH-I545 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. It just depends on how frosty it is....I like my buds trimmed way down because no one likes to smoke leaf. I also tend to believe that the less leaf on the buds when they're curing in jars the better smell and taste the bud will have. Just my opinion but I always try to do a full trim

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