Dont think im paranoide but...

Discussion in 'General' started by SIR_JANE, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Whut is up with all these people coming out of there hole and starting to say ''im done I quit with weed its fucking my life up'' Just seems ''weird'' to me seems we got dis-info agents on the lose... :confused:;)
  2. thats just GC for ya

    onethread pops up then fifteen more of the same ones do as well
  3. in my case, because I choose to smoke marijuana, Im also choosing to postpone entering a student-training program at a company I want to work for when I get my bachelors degree.

    It would be stupid of me not to try to get into this program as a student, rather than wait and apply after Im out of school.

    They require drug tests, and I unfortunately have 2 ounces of delicious nug and nothing else to do with it besides hope that it doesnt dry out on me.--I also dont think I have any connects available to re-up.

    Which means I see the end of my smoking days right around the corner. For the better imo. As this is the first time ill be clean for a test in like the past 5 or 6 years.

  4. so true.
  5. ill tell ya why, its because most of them are young and still developing and smoking weed everyday IS fucking them up. its not a drug to be abused, end of story and i think more people are abusing it now than ever. moderation people!

  6. I think I know what your saying.. too much to handle for some people and your right its not something we should abuse for ''fun'' purposes altho its not bad to do it
  7. Seems more like a follow the leader thing than anything.
  8. Too paranoid to proofread your thread before posting?

  9. No need to be an asshole hows that for proof read buddy:smoking:

    As for the subject at hand yeah it seems to be a follow the leader thing...But you always have to question these things...
    What if the government decided ''oh lets throw in some dis-info people to try to mindwash these people not to smoke'' Kind of like a dominos one falls and it causes the rest of the dominos to fall with it...Get my drift;):smoking:

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