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Dont think i could do it yet but..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by boredjim8, May 1, 2006.

  1. I think it would hurt too much for me to do it . .but someone who can handle alot of smoke and holding in for a few seconds should try this with afriend..

    roll a fat blunt w/e for shotguns ..

    light blunt like normal get it started..

    take a big hit .. turn blunt around put in mouth like normal shotgun .. other friend puts mouth on other end of blunt u blow though to him so its not excaping newhere goin straight though = HUGE HIT .. then pull blunt out.. person who just exhaled take a FAST breath get some oxygen in your body while the kid w/ smoke in his mouth turns blunt around and shotguns u back.. then after he shotguns u keep flippin and takin breaths every time u exhale the smoke..

    ..i was just thinkin it would get u really high because of how much smoke u will have + how long u hold it in + how fast u do it.. by end of blunt ud be layin on the fuckin haha idk .. someone?
  2. yea me and my friends do this when we got like 3 on a blunt we make it kinda a high game well its been a while but yea it fuckes you up man
  3. yeah ive done that before.....its better when you have more than 2 people so you have a sec or two to take a breath in between shotguns
  4. i hear people call those "river hits." it gets u pretty damn high
  5. Thats amazing, I can't believe I hadn't though of that one.
  6. yeah i've tried it several times (or a different vesion called 'giving a shot') and it's amazing. the joint has to be small and you put it the other way around in your mouth. you then need another person that stands in front of you. put your hands like if you were about to shout and the other person stands right infront of you. place your hands on their mouth so no smoke can escape and slowly blow out.
    i think you're speaking of the same thing..but i just didn't get it :confused:.
  7. I've seen this done in a video before, but how the hell do you put it in your mouth without mistakenly burning yourself? especially stoned.

  8. practice :confused:

  9. its not that hard just dont lif ur tounge..
  10. Yeah, except the person takes a hit before they shotgun the other person, so it's like twice as much smoke. Crayzay!
  11. thats too much damn work. I smoke a blunt to relax not to play hot potato with a flame.
  12. Turbo Shotties.
  13. I do shotties with it directly in the mouth and all, but let me clarify this, do you mean that the person giving the shotty (after the 1st time) is exhaling there smoke with the shottie they give, therefore making the smoking continuous? thats intense.
  14. me and my friends do this with my chillum.. its nuts

  15. YES thankyou ur the only one who seems to got it .. the rest of u think its jsut normal smoking .. NO its not its continuous the WHOLE BLUNT!! thats why i think its sick like omg sick heh .. thats alsy why i said 'i dont think i could handle this' .. ;P

  16. I agree. I hate to say it, but I refuse to shotgun, giving or receiving. It seems dirty to me, smoking second hand smoke . . . I mean, I can understand, it'll get you high, but it just seems weird taking in smoke that's been down someone else's body first. Personally I would only do it if weed were scarce and I were in some kind of war like Nam or something.
  17. i could tell you right now that me and my friends could never pull it off. we ADD out before the blunt is done
  18. i don't know, it may be just me, but i don't really enjoy shotguns... unless there a hot chick involved. It just seems worng having my face 3 inches from another guys while your lips are in the puckered position sucking in smoke. I refuse to take or recieve a shotgun from another male. Im weird i know.
  19. ^^^pffff thats lame, just kidding but seriously shot gunnings awesome

    an altenrate form of the shot gun is to have someone blow but instead of taking it in the mouth take it up the NOSE. itll get ya high.
  20. :laughing:

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