dont tell me its a male!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gringo, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. is it what i think it is.....

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  2. It sure looks that way. But don't be too distressed, I happen to like cookies 8)

  3. whats that mean? shit, i got another1 that i think is male too! what the hell can i do with em??? im growin a nirvana - white widow, THAT better be female!!!
  4. you only grew 2? thats not to smart.
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  5. Does it just have the one or two little balls at the base of the node? If so it still may be a female. If its got LOTS of little balls forming its a male.
  6. Those are just the new leaves coming in,I think anyways.Mine had those and thats what it was but like bbf said if more form then u may have a male.
  7. Looks a little early to say definate..was light on 24 or 18 hr?.,,what type of light?what node is it on?what age? thing is,,it's single,,in the crotch,,not off the side,,hanging from a teather....and it's not a cluster ,,at the crotch...such as BPP stated.......soooo

  8. ok i think ther are a few more little ball things but i'l just wait a little longer to find out, i actually grew 5 plants but i think 2 r male! others r a little small to tell!

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