dont smoke with dealers you barely know

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    Aight so I went to this guys house that I knew from high school..well actually it was a shitty ass motel with his nasty ass girlfriend he met in jail but nvm..i went there to pick up and 8th and he offers to sit down and smoke..and of course im like yeah shur..sit down..and were smoking for about 4 hours..he had this nice ass 2 bowl pipe..i think its called a dragon pipe..but idk..i wanna get one lol…ok after those 4 hours I open up my bag and decide to pack the next one and leave..since I smoked all their weed..after that bowls down I check my pockets like I always do for my keys, phone, cigs, and my bag of walkin out and when I get to my car I check again and my bags not im like yeah I must of fell out..i walk in the door and ask have u seen my bag..he says no..then his nasty girlfriend walked up behind me and locked the door..and I didn’t realize it then but now I did..the stupid bitch put it back in my back pocket..i was wear baggy shorts with big pockets in the back so I didn’t feal it..and I know for a fact I wouldn’t put a bag in my back pocket..then hes like well check all your pockets again..and I found it..i felt really bag for accusing them so I packed another bowl and was ganna im walking out he trys pickpocketing me again and I catch him..grab his wrist and I lay that motherfucker out..then his other friend htat was in there steps up and I just push him off..then when hes tryin to get back up, right when hes almost up I punch in right in the nose and I knew he was out..i grab my bag and steal a pack of their smokes and leave….then the next week he got busted and now hes in jail again lol

  2. +rep dude, its refreshing to see a thread like this where the person did'nt decide to be a push over, and actually broke a face.
  3. fucking crazy if it's true, not so sure bout it tho....
  4. Pics or it didn't happen for real.
  5. umm..yeah it is true..why would i lie
  6. if you're not joking, shut up. no1's gonna stop after they punch someone in the face for trying to steal from 'em and take pics so people on a forum will think he's cool.

    OP, thx for posting. +rep, although my rep isnt worth much.
  7. i was about to say it.
  8. wow..i aint ganna stress if you guys dont believe me..i really dont understand why anyone would waste their time makin up a story to random i really could care less if you dont believe me..just keep sayin what you want...
  9. thats freakin awesome man im glad you caught him :D
  10. Awesome, glad to see you did something about it. I can completely understand the situation, I've had people try to take things from my pockets too since I wear baggie pants with large pockets.

    Good job on taking a pack of smokes too, haha!
  11. im not gonna say you're a liar but why would a dealer care so much about an eighth? and plus why would he risk losin' a customer over an eighth and why would he try to jack someone that can beat his ass? now if it is true this "dealer" wouldn't last long
    personally if i was gonna jack someone I would skip the whole sellin' phaze and it wouldn't be for an eighth but what do I know im only smart


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