dont shoplift!

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. especially when you already got enough charges on your record that you'll end up in lockup for it and your 34 miles away from your house, its a long run when the po po chasin u half the way.

    a lesson learned and quite a fun day hopefully i didnt get ratted out.

    haha i'm high as hell

  2. This is the third time you've told us about doing something really fucking dumb. Why do you keep doing these things, negligent? Please, for your own sake, clean up your act before it lands you in jail or worse.
  3. shop lifting what????
  4. Yeah man, think about your doing! Please dont leave the CITY!!!!!
  5. Damnit neg not that i've not had my fair share of stupid feats and thieveries but knock it can only push your luck so far man(and the po po will be there and be more than glad to push you into a nice cell) =(
  6. yeah...your doing something wrong if you have po9 chasing you around, if your gonna shoplift get it down to a science, im sure youve been to juvy before but lemme tell you county sucks ass, and you dont want to be there for some stupid shit...whatever you do you have to play by the rules, and rule #1 in lifting is you will get cought...its all for the rush man, i know, but we all have to grow up safe...
  7. your name says it all.
  8. < mom mode> I just wanted to fill you in that if you do get caught shop lifting, it stays on your record, and may be a factor when getting a real deal job< / mom mode>>
  9. oh the memories. I used the be the shoplifting king! well... not exactly... but i never got caught and i used to pack tshirts and jeans and sweatshirts into my bag all the time...

    But anyways!! Stealing is baaaaaad. Ive seen many friends go down for dumb things (THE WORST!! 30 hours community service and a ride to jail for, yes, a chocolate milk. not even a big one, the smallest chocolate milk you can get...)

    Dont steal!!

    Theives are looked down upon by EVERYONE.
  10. Don't steal, it's fucked up shit.

    Once there was a lad from around my way, he's 19 now, he used to be a real bad fucker(still is) but he's in jail now.
    He robbed houses around our streets loads of times, he lives round the same street by the way, he thought he was the king, drinking and smoking every night with the money and buying phones,stealing phones,into dealing drugs(not just cannabis)he robbed my friends house and car a couple of times, robbed my car before...eventually he was caught(as everyone will be who steals, well if you keep at it long enough), but before he got put to jail, whenever the cops arrested him he went to hospital faking something and whenever he got into the doctor's surgery he done a runner, never seen him for weeks, no one did, he got away with it for a while, few months, until he started robbing houses again...

    now he's in jail, don't know when he's getting out.

  11. haha i do got it down to a science, they searched me n didnt find anythin but my friend jus put shit in his pockets. and i learned in class that anyone with a shoplifter gets the same charges, so i was like fuck that n got out of there. haha, would ya believe that a cop actually called me negligent without knowin about the nickname thing? haha i was laughin but he shut me up real quick..... cops r dicks

    and i dont steal from people, thats wrong, i only steal from corporations that have enough money to live off of, while i'm sittin around with an empty wallet. steal from the rich and give to myself... and sometimes the poor at a discounted price.


    edit: DAAAMMMNNN!!! adam bc that is the finest ass ever unda ur name haha
  12. dude.. stealings not cool at all... stop whining about having a empty wallet and get off your ass and get a job.. when you get older (im guessing your under 18 living with parents) what are you going to do.. steal to make rent.. to get food.. no, you cant get that much stuff... just get a job and some pride..
  13. preaching at people never changes them, just pisses them off..i used to do that alot..its a rush yeh but not worth the risk(to me anyways). just remeber neg there are people that care out there somewhere...though that never helped me much to think fuck it there is nothing we can say or do that will make a differance *shrug*. have a good go of it neg maybe we'll meet in hell someday XD
  14. yea preaching sucks, just knock them out, if i know who negligent is.... he'd have tire marks on his face
  15. haha nah u wouldnt i'd steal your wheels in the parking lot before you could do it.

    jus playin witcha!
  16. how dare you to talk back to me.... rgrr
  17. First off, get a job. And if you're going to commit any crime, don't do something small like shoplifting. You're risking you're ass and getting practically nothing for it. Hell, if you're gonna steal, at least think big and make it worth your while. Rob a crack dealer or a bank or a home depot for christs sake.

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