Dont see any Crop King posts. They Legit!

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  1. I dont see many people talking about Crop King, and after my recent failure to get beans from Flash Seeds I decided to grab a 25 pack of their Candy Canes Autos and a 6 pack of their White Widows Fem. First I think their site is kinda corny looking but hey I'm no graphic designer, and the little king videos and grow tutorials are lame as fuck for anyone but total noobs, but on to what really matters quality of beans and customer service.
    As I said before, I ordered crop king because i had waited nearly a month for beans to show from Flash seeds and had nothing to show and needed to start quick, the few things I could find about Crop king was that their shipping was quite fast, so i gave them a shot. I used the 30.00 Discreet express shipping option, and was surprised that the day after my order instead of just a confirmation it had shipped I received a Tracking number. Their pack made it through customs almost instantly and 3 business days later i had seeds in my mailbox with several extra in each pack.( fastest ive ever received seeds to the states, even ordering in state from dankteam took longer)
    As for the beans I threw 12 of the candy canes and 6 White widows in shotglasses of water overnight and following day into a mix of rockwool cubes and rapid rooters(basicalkly whatever I had laying around). 4 of 6 White Widow Came up within 48 hours after putting in cubes and 11-12 of the Candy Canes Popped within 48 hrs. The Widows have been chilling in my Veg tent and were just topped and took a few clones the other day( 2 pretty obvious phenos right now so I labeled the clones from each as WW1 and WW2( WW2 there are 2 plants that show this trait and have mostly smooth non serrated mutanty looking leaves, also not as vigorous growth as WW1 but def wanna keep around as I have had goofy mutants produce some crazy good bud lol,)
    The Candy Canes have been getting moved around between my flower room in open corners and crannys where they could fit, and of the 11 Autos, 9 Are quite tall(2.5 ft at 30 days from seed), thick stemmed and flowering now, 1 of the others is about 1 ft tall and weaker ;ooking but very bushy with many branch sites, and the last of the 11 is a Midget that is still in my veg tent, is only 3 inches tall and just doesnt wanna grow or throw pistils even though all its sisters are well into starting flowering.

    Overall Im pleased with my order with them and compared to the few others ive ordered from their customer service, speed of shipping and vigor of germination will probably get another order from me.
    They may not have all the well known breeders, but the have Autos, Fems, and Regulars of some pretty well known strains as well as a few of their own oddballs that should give most the options they are looking for
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  2. I got some ice wreck reg and crown royale fem from them . Just dropped them yesterday. Cant wait to see what I can coax out of them.
  3. nice.. ill try to get some pics up shotrly of my autos and widows
  4. Yea they are legit I get my white widows from them good genetics

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  5. I've heard mostly negative things about their genetics/germination rate and customer service, you can get them at the hydro stores and headshops here but for the price they've never been worth picking up to me.
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  6. dunno man ill try and get some pics up but the candy cane autos i got from there had excellent germ rate and off the charts vigor in growth. very surprised it stretched so much as an auto
  7. The white widows I got from them are doing awesome and I never had a problem with germ they do claim to have 80% germ rate but I never had any problems with them and there customer service is far better then most

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  8. The white cookies are great. The super silver haze a++ . Jack herers auto was great nice yield and smoke. I am running dark angel/zeus/green crack/blueberry. Mabe a couple more also but they are great except the zeus like to show off balls and vagina lol
  9. im about to start flowering the white widows and they look great, tons of heads, thick stemmed and stocky, the candy canes are a bit stretchy for my taste and are almost 5+ ft tall but budding nicely, def gunna have to tie a few branches up for support though.
  10. Damn isn't candy cane a auto?
  11. Yes, the tallest growing Auto ive grown. They stretched like mad under the Hps's but look like they r gunna put on some decent weight, just had to upskirt a bunch of bottom lanky branches off that werent gunna support themselves. Honestly the frame makes me feel like the Candy canes would perform excellent in a outdoor enviroment.

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