Dont Ruin It For The Rest Of Us.

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Yo. im not being a preecher or nothing, ive been reading these posts lately, and yes the new people are getting annoying, the posts have become more idiotic and even less readable.

    If you're going to come to this forum, come here to enjoy it, dont ruin it for the rest of us GC tokers, ive learned so much from this site, i dont know why people have to come and say stupid shit, its a waste of time to write it, and its a waste of time for us to read it, all im sayin is DONT BE DUMB.

    Now, this is mostly for the new people that come here, the ones that dont understand the GC stonerness..DONT act stupid, enjoy this site..You should be thanking SJ and everyone else who has made this site what it is..

    -Bread (If this gets closed, i dont blame ya)
  2. Man I havent been here for a week, now I come back and I can barely find anything interesting, I agree.
  3. well...this is a general forum so ppl can post watever they want....stop complaining
  4. Hey buddy, why don't you stop mouthing off to Indy. Your going to be seeing the dreaded 'Account disabled' messaged shortly.

  5. uhhh who said i was mouthing off to indy...did i quote em and say sumthin back?? no try reading my post over again pal

  6. I think his quote was refferred to me, hopefully he'll get that message anyways..

  7. what's your deal man... i mean, i hate to pick a bone, but you keep coming down on people... now i realize you have some sort of seniority here, but the guy was saying something to bread (edit) and you make it seem like he's talking to Indy.... why try to get people banned? sorry, but it's kind of a buzz kill or something, i don't know, it's like the third thread i've seen you do that in

    again, i hate to pick a bone, or start anything but it seems somewhat uncool... if Indy has a problem with what dude says, he'll take it up with him.
  8. wut he said /\ +rep
  9. Agreed with Elude.

  10. errr... nice overreaction there. The tone was a little aggressive but it's not like he said things about your mother is it?

    I do have to agree with the above as well. AFD please just calm down dude. I know you're keen to "help the mods/ADMINS" but it seems like since I got back (y-day) I haven't been able to read a post without you butting in where, really, what you're saying isn't necessary. Don't want to be a shit, dude, but I'd kinda like to add my name to the list that expresses that opinion.
  11. General Forum means talk about life in general. Things that might come up, or thoughts and stuff. Not "post whatever you want and come be an idiot huurrr"

    There's a difference, and you should probably tone the attitude down a bit, too.
  12. I'll go for being #3 to say it

    mellow out for chirst sake

    If you see a post that doesn't belong where it is PM an admin or moderator if you see an outright racist or hateful post directed at another user use REPORT POST

    Thats what its for not you having some donators right to bash and threaten users with shit like 'you'll be seeing blah blah blah'

    You aren't a mod and as such its not your place to go saying stuff like that and quiet honestly I wouldn't want to see someone so touchy being one here or anywhere else

    Again MELLOW man its one thing to agree on cleaning out immature posts its another to go out of your way to push peoples buttons instead of reporting an offensive post or requesting a thread move

    Edit - I'm actually shocked to see some many potheads getting up in arms lol you'd think by now we'd all have thick skin from all the anti-pot crap shoved in our faces

    Edit 2 - Thanks for the negative rep Aimed and the comment had me laughing my ass off as it's a perfect example of acting immature so since you felt the need to say it I'll assume you're ok with it being posted here:

    Fuck you Ars, your really pissing me off with your posts. You are a waste of space and your a fucking punk. You can just go fuck yourself, ok? -AFD
  13. do you all realize that this thread was like 60% bickering b/w members?

  14. yea, seems theres a lot of that these days.

    i dont know, maybe im not a huge contributor to the city or something, but i havent really noticed any huge change... everyone talks about how it used to be, i know there were a lot of oldschool members, but people go, it happens at every forum, there were always stupid posts, always will be. hell a lot of them have come out of me in times past.

    i find the easiest solution, is dont read the bad posts. as negligent said in another thread, hover your mouse over the thread title, if the message you see is "LOL!!!1!! 111 OHEMG WEEEEEED ROX!!!! iMMM SOSOSOSOSO BAAAAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" then skip the post, if it looks half way legible and intelligent, press on. If it turns out you were tricked, hit the back button.

    The mods are doing their best, but there really is only so much moderation can do.
  15. ^ exactly

    getting all insane about it is only gonna turn this place into something like a forum fulla geeks who can't stand to have their balls busted in a friendly manner can't disagree for fear of being ganged up on and reported ect

    I liked that about this forum we could give a bit of shit and take a bit without any bad blood
  16. Yeah, I have noticed this even since I joined back in January, the same thing is happening at Totse...

    The best way is just to skip over the crappy threads as adamBC said.

  17. Yeah buddy. Now everyone's all sensitive and shit... Sheesh... Learn to take a little ball bustin people. We don't need to take everything so personally. It's only the internet for cryin out loud :p :D

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