dont rember lyrics but know the tune?!?

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. OMG a stoners savior!!!
  2. I couldnt ever get that thing to work. Im too dumb:confused_2:
  3. ha!, thats sick dude, nice find.
  4. Cool, it recognized Back In Black. :D

  5. haha, hillarious man. lol :hello:

    the website didn't guess my Iron Maiden. but after listening to my own recording I know why :(
  6. I tried funkytown and it didn't work
  7. i did iron man and it worked
  8. i don't know what to do im sitting here thinking but when i do im gonna be excited
  9. i got back in black to work aswell
  10. I tried back in black and i got "west end girls"
  11. i can't make it work. apparently years of music lessons hasn't taught me rythym
  12. haha i did safety dance and it worked lol pretty fucking cool tool man, nice find
  13. ha, I did Iron Man too :smoke:

    hella good find, man, new bookmark for me :)
  14. haha glad u guys liked
  15. all i can say is that it sure as shit cant figure out smashing pumpkin songs
  16. haha that's sick man, +rep for sure

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