dont quit

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by highlife88, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. i dont think u should quit weed.... u'll get over that girl... or.. tell the mom u quit weed... but then.. dont quit=D
  2. haha its more like... *sniff*..*toke*... *toke*... *toke*.. *toke*.... *toke*.. and so on...
  3. i think he's got his girl..goodluck to him.
  4. i dont know alot but one thing i do know is that they always come back........ive never been with a girl that it the my big.....i dont know?......its not that big but over avridge.....might just be some odd thing that girls they come bake to you yo?.......and the guys come back?........oh another thing i know is that once you go black you do go back.....i did
  5. Weed is worth more than your friends and your gurl.

    I tell my gurl that i love her and i know that deep down i really dont. For soem reason i dont feel bad about this.

    I love mary jane and i always will :)
  6. yea, you will change from weed if you find the love of your life, face facts, a girl who loves you is better than weed.

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