Don't punch in the mosh!

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  1. God dammit if I ever see anyone else in a mosh punching I am gonna fucking knife him in his eye! DO NOT DO THIS! If you do go to a lot of concerts and shows you will know how fucking retarded people look when they punch in a mosh. Moshing is pushing not punching and kicking! Is this just a problem in Canada?
  2. I really am not a big fan of moshing. Alot of the shows down here (usually the hard metal ones) attract people who think that they can swing their arms around with extreme force and move around in large circles regardless of the people around them. Needless to say lots of black eyes are received and busted noses. I heard some people call it "windmilling" where they stand in the middle of the pit and swing their arms around extremely fast. Its stupid and immature if you ask me.
  3. Just lay them out if they're being fuckin stupid. I've had to do it plenty of times. Everyone is just as annoyed as you so if they try to come back at you there's 20 other guys ready to beat his ass.

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  5. I've been to some pretty good moshpits, but I've never been punched... at least on purpose. lol
  6. i love moshpits but at the lamb of god show i broke 3 fingers and got a sprained ankle, but it was worth it
  7. well first of all usually when a punch happens in a "mosh" pit, its usually because some jackass is trying to hardcore dance in it...

    the same thing happens in a "dancing" pit at hardcore shows, you will get some asshole tryin to push dudes n shit...

    You mosh at metal shows

    You dance and hardcore shows

    i love doing both, but they are good seperate, never together!

    sadly most metal dudes dont even know what hardcore is and see hardcore dancing as faggotry and only done by pussies...

  8. somewhat true. i dont believed ive ever 'danced' at a show.
  9. That's cause us kool ones just pull up our pants and Lean back. :D

    Rules don't change, even in a concert. If some punk lands a hit on you then you land one back harder. There's so much testosterone in concerts there's no way he's going to get back up.
  10. fuck "moshin." It's called SLAM DANCING. Fuck the people that throw punches on purpose, but if you can't take a hit in the pit then you shouldn't be in it.
  11. Lucky punk, lamb of god was supposed to come with slipknot over here where i live and slipknot cancled because they were sick... i preordered my ticket a month before they came. but they are Lamb of God is coming this june :)

    about the topic. Yea when you are in a mosh pit, crazy things can happen. at the Slayer concert there were plenty of assholes punching, one hit me so i punched him back, he fell on the floor and got trampled.. believe me, they will get whats coming to them.
  12. its all about what kind of a show it is...

    i always thought "slam dancing" was a really gay name btw
  13. i was at a concert and jumped in the mosh, i caught one in the back of the head, and turned around to see one of those "windmillers" sitting there swinging his arms and kicking, walking in a circle. i threw a left hook and caught him in his right eye, only to look at my hand after and realize i tagged his fucking eyebrow piercing, ripped my knuckle, and almost ripped that shit outta his brow, he was bleeding everywhere, holding his eye on the ground in the mosh untill his friend pulled him out. i didnt stick around and got the hell outta there, only a 10 dollar punk show, so i wasnt too mad.
  14. ok, you went into the pit, got punched, then decided to fuck a kid up becuase he accidentally hit you... what did u think would happen, everyone in the pit would avoid you and make sure not to touch you since its not like you were in A FUCKIGN MOSH PIT... and if it was a 10 dollar punk show the "winmiller" would of been "mosh"ing in the correct mannor anyway. you are either a huge dick or very stupid... or both
  15. That's funny because I always thought "moshing" was a really gay name. I guess I'm just old school that way.

    I'm all about circle pits. I hate the shit I see at hardcore shows now; windmills, floorpunching and that crap. Stage dives are pretty fun at hardcore shows.
  16. yea i always thougth moshing sounded liek it should involve making juice or somethin

    but yea i can dig all kinds of that shit, i dont really hate on any incarnation of it, i do it all, they all have things that are fun about them, i just adapt to what other people are doing and have fun that way... i mean im not saying im a little weak spirited bitch, its jsut that if everone is doin a circle pit i see no reason to be a rebel and do some other shit on the side that is not needed... and on the other hand if a bunch or dudes are dancing im not gonan go running around them in a circle or pushing myself into them.
  17. haha that's funny. I always thought it sounded like "mashed potatos." ...It's time to go "mosh" some potatos or somthing.
  18. Some guy's blood got splattered onto me at the last Cannibal Corpse show I went to. He was hispanic and some skinhead just fucking clocked him in the face for no reason. He was carried out on a stretcher and the skinhead was arrested for assault.
  19. yeagh i was in a Q.O.T.S.A pit the other night and i accidently hit this guy in the face becuase im shovin people and everyone else is shoving each other and this guys head banging and iwent to shove him and he brings his head down right into my hand, total accident, but still at this taking back sunday concert i went to this guy was going around of edge of the pit punching people in the face and one guy had had enough and kicked the holy shit out of his ass in front of security and everybody and they didnt say shit because they saw what the other guy was doing and he deserved what he got.

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