Dont Perpetuate The Myth.

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  1. Everytime I see someone picking off their plants' sun leaves- it absolutely kills me.
    And if you try and talk to them about it, you get the supreme-grower-ego I-know-everything speech.
    So I just have to put this out there.
    The fact is, the less stressed the plants, the better the bud and plucking off and bunch of healthy leaves that the is plant using for its' essential processes does nothing but stress it out, compromize its immune system and give it wounds for bugs and diseases to get into.
    Please help stop this perpetuation of this myth of "light getting to buds" or whatever reasoning. It comes from an incomplete understanding of plants.
    If you want to grow better pot. Adopt additional methods, add herbal teas, compost teas, companion planting, etc. - Don't strip your plant of leaves. It doesn't make sense.

  2. I only pluck leaves if they are over 50 percent damaged.
  3. Same, I enjoy going through and tending and taking off the ones that need it. :)
  4. I heard that! The more fan leaves you have, the bigger the bud growth can be!!
  5. It is Bio 101- leaves are the food factories of your plant!
  6.  Yep! That's why it concerns me, I feel like I've been seeing this more lately. I feel like it stems from a profit-based motive and not so much a love of plants.  :unsure:
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    not fighting your point. but the fact that people say to lst to open up your plant and get maximum sum. wouldnt these leaves be blocking a hell of alot of under growth.I pull a majority of my leaves and i probly get just as good of an outcome as yourself
  8. 99% of the time I don't believe in trimming healthy fan leaves, but there are a few exceptions in my book. Certain heavy indicas (like my bubba kush and sour strawbery) have been somewhat stunted until I removed just a couple carefully placed fan leaves. I would never strip my plants of a lot of leaves. But in the case of super stocky indicas like I mentioned, taking off just a couple fan leaves allowed the new growth a path out of the darkness from under the thick mat of fan leaves, and made her bush out like crazy. But these were already well developed plants. I'd especially not take fan leaves off younger plants.

    Then there are also some strains that are so bushy that they grow one leave directly on top of another so when it's moist in the AM the leaves glue themselves together and hold the moisture for hours. In that case IF the bottom leaf can't be easily trained out of the way, I'll remove the bottom leaf that was totally blocked from light anyway. At that point it was just a mold hazard.
  9. I think the jury is still out on this tbh, ive seen great results with extreme defoilation, although, I myself only cut very few, I think it pays to be open, I started growing in the 80s and its changed lots , as it will continue to evolve. Good luck to all
  10. I strip all my leaves, beanstalk ftw.
  11. i don't know. I think if you do it correctly, it can be promising.
    [I got the pics from a tutorial I read on defoliation]
  12. I always remove the first two or three nodes up from the stalk in early veg and then from that point just tuck my leaves. I agree I never remove leaves unless completely damaged but that's rare on my plants :p
    I'm not convinced. The best growers I've met have never felt the need to do this. Only amateurs on people who think they know what they are doing. But never someone who understands plants. There are better methods.
  14. So have you personally ever tried it both ways? Or are you just starting a debate for the sake of debating?
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    This is a never ending debate! Type defoliation in the search bar there are numerous threads on the subject. I tested it on my first run and I got pretty good results out of the plant that was plucked both clones from same mother, same setting, feeding schedule, pots, light distance, etc,etc,. I don't remove a lot but I do tend to remove some toward the middle and bottom of the plant. anyway opinions differ as do grow, methods.

    We should be telling more people to grow marijuana instead of bashing the people who already grow and their various methods
    amen my dude
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    I've taken off leaves and experimented and I notice when it gets to a certain point. I really don't see how this is just bashing. It's retarded to do something that totally goes against biology. Just trying to spread awareness here since this is an alarming trend.
  18. Sounds like your just making a thread to bash. Coming on and calling experienced growers "amateurs" because they dont do something how you "think" is the best way, is no way to make friends. 
    I'm not trying to flame you at all, so please do not think that. Im just calling it how i see it, and i dont agree with your wording and assumptions.
    Good luck with your debate!  :metal:
  19. That has to make the drying and trimming process a lot easier!  Nice pics.

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