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Don't mix weed and anesthesia

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by andresisherex, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. I had a fuckin ride with that shit...Okay so I had ACL surgery on my knee last thursday and and i was advised not to smoke weed at least a week before. I couldn't help myself so i smoked 3 days before surgery. So My surgery was kinda simple and I was suppsed to leave the hospital 2 hours after surgery. But instead, when i woke up..my blood pressure went up dramatically and i went into shock. So i wake up another 5 hours later with wires and tubes all up in me. So I actually just got out of the hospital yesterday..so whatever you do, don't smoke before major surgery..i regret it.
  2. Yeah that's good that you learned your lesson, when doctors tell you something you don't fuck around.
  3. i didnt know that.
    why does it affect surgery so much?
  4. probably because it raises your blood pressure
  5. I dunno about you but when I was 15 I had surgery on my knee to remove bone chips(harsh sports injury, long story). Now, the anesthesia guy asked me if I smoked weed. I said no even though i had smoked 2 days before the surgery, since I didn't want my parents to find out.

    I was totally fine, maybe it was because i was young and healthy(still am) but i doubt you're over 30 if you're on GC.
  6. JuanRing.... In response to you're signature.... It's not all it's cracked up to be.:(

    Always give correct medical info so you can sue later ,kids!
  7. i think its jus you

    i had all my wisdom teeth taken out ..

    they put me to sleep .. i smoked on the way to surgery
  8. I believe it has something to do with acting as a blood thinner or something like that. Did they also tell you not to take any tylenol or things along those lines?
  9. Nah..they just warned me about the weed..I'm 18 so i thought nothing was gonna happen
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    I've smoked the night before an early morning surgery (ate some benzo's too, not a blackout dose tho) and everything went fine.

    I think what happened to you was a coincidence

    EDIT: Thinking about this post, i just wanted to add that I do not condone this behavior, and regret the decision. And, tell your doctors EVERYTHING they might want to know. There is doctor-patient confidentiality, they cannot get you arrested or tell any parents/spouses/children about your answers.

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