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dont mess with me, i have a guitar

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hippie john, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. deleted evidence
  2. That's you?

  3. damn hj good shit now puff puff pass.
  4. to put it....let's just say that Sensi might need to rethink that lesbian thing.


    You have amazing hair, hippie john!
  5. i think shes saying your a hottie.
  6. then again i'm pretty stoned too, but i'm 99.9percent sure.
  7. oo, oo, play "wait & bleed" by slipknot! heheh. no no play man who sold the world. :D

    "hehe..aren't we all?"

    no, no we are not all stoned. :D
  8. lol play some 311 you hippeh!!!!
  9. how do you see with all that hair in your face.
    dont mind me i'm just jealous.
  10. doesn't it like uh.. get caught in the strings and stuff? but yeaaah.. i'm going to sleep I shoulda been asleep 4 hours ago to go job hunting earrrrrly, but I guess that won't happen.

  11. amen brother! roflmmfao. umm is there like a group meeting fer that or something? dont mind me im am at the 2 year old stage lmao
  12. shit man u look just like me except the hair.

  13. enjoy it while u can hippie lmao
  14. i got some sativa on its way ill keep up with ya then heheheheh...........gonna get f up in a min

  15. Thanks, hottie john....I mean, hippie john!!! :D

  16. Hippie John You Look Like A True Hippie To Me !!!
  17. I used to do shit like that 24/7. Whenever I wanted something to drink I got something I could make into a bong. When I was bored I'd go to the store and find cool containers for bongs. Ah, I wish I could smoke. Do a bowl for me HJ.
  18. I'll call you what I called Stylez in another thread...

    Stoner! :D
  19. i got the drums shade :)
  20. hahahahaha

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