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Don't look!!!!!! Unless you Love.......

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, puppies!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's right Woodbug's dog Drina isn't impressed.

    I would like All my City friends to meet


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  2. HIGH All, now isn't he just sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!! He's Akita and Lab and something and so on.....looks like maybe a little Rotti in him.

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  3. Awwww..... Too damn cute friend!!! Looks like a nice pup. Have fun with it!
  4. look at the cute puppy! :D
  5. high tucker!

    now unoit... go say high all in the unoit poll. :p dont keep us all in suspense any longer! :D
  6. so freakin' cute!!!! Congrats on your new baby :)
  7. HIGH All, been there and done it Big Guy *LOL* and must say you made my day again guys *LOL*


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  8. wow! i love dogs! and puppies are huge too.

    they're just so carefree, although thats not always good? my mutt always knocks my weed off the table or spills glasses of water all over books and everything, and hes never cleaned it up once.

    he also rarely walks his dog (i got my dog his own dog for christmas when he was two. if i had known he wouldn't ever take care of her id probably not have done it !!!)

    thats a nice looking puppy there. show it lots of love so it grows up real nice and friendly. also teach him some cool tricks now, before he gets too old to care.
  9. cool blue eyes... wish i had a dog
  10. Puppy!!!

    hehe, very nice dog.
    Dont get him too tokered when hes older! :)
  11. don't u wish they would just stay that way for ever.....

    looks deff part rotti.....

    very cute pup...
  12. man my doggy is fucking lazy

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  13. Nice dogs youve got there. I myself am a cat person but I can enjoy most pets. My favorite thing is to watch my cats facial expressions, I'm sure your dogs are just the same.
  14. I miss my dog now, He is soooooooo cute by the way, I mean I had a cute dog too but man is he adorable.
  15. your puppy is so adorable!! awwww...he looks super soft too, and those big paws!! so cute, congratulations!
  16. awwwww that is the cutest little dog..and blue eyes wow...soooo cute :)
  17. Here's our rot mix relaxing in his favorite chair.

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  18. HIGH All, what's his name clonemeister it looks like he's got the run of the house like ours does.
    Tucker's eye's are blue because he's still a pup and the flash brings it out...heres one without the flash.

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  19. HIGH All, did I ever tell you guys....I love puppies!!! I MEAN I LOVE PUPPIES *LOL*
  20. unoit, i have got to ask if you're from ontario. my cousin just told me that she and her man got a puppy called Tucker. it's probably just a fluke, but i'm high and stupid right now:D

    beautiful dog! wish i had a scanner to show you Nova. She's a 8mth old golden sheppard. man, that dog is crazy for the water. :)

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