Don't let this happen to YOU!

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  1. Milford fire leads to pot arrests
    Posted Aug. 7, 2008
    7:54 AM
    Milford (AP) -- Four Milford residents face drug charges after authorities discovered that a fire in their home involved burning marijuana plants.
    Leslie Defrancesco, 29, and Ethan Mayo, 33, face charges including operating a drug factory.
    James LeClair, 33, and 32-year-old and Michael Mikiens face possession charges.
    Firefighters say the fire began Wednesday when a grow light placed in a closet that had been converted into a growing room ignited a burlap bag.
    The smell of the smoke led authorities to the plants. Firefighters ventilated the house, which suffered minor damage.

  2. goes to show you...having a clean, well kept and managed grow room should be a top priority. I'm just curious, they said that a bag caught on fire...was it like on top of the light or something???
  3. Had to have been. I just missed it on the TV and that's all they have to say on the internet. I thought it was pretty funny, who would leave a burlap bag close enough to a searing hot HID light to catch it on fire. I woulda loved to be one of those firemen though :smoke:
  4. one more reason i like my cfl's for my small apartment grow.
  5. that's a really stupid reason to get caught :(
  6. :eek:

    havent laid eyes on a burlap bag in many many years. im trying to figure put what they were doing with

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