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Dont let gO

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hippie john, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. I just have something i would like to say:

    If the time ever comes that someone you love is leaving; dont let them go alone...

    Cause once their gone you realize that the very reason you are you, and want to exist in this shithole of a world, is gone....

    Like being stabbed in the chest, and everytime you attempt to remove the blade it hurts worse, and noone but yourself to blame...

    If i could go back and change things i would, even if it cost my life.... just one day... thats all i want... is one goddamn day...

    But instead i'll sit, rotting inside... wishing i knew where to find you.... just a city, thats all i need.... i'll go door to door...

    ................. i'll find you ...... soon .................

    I cant live ... ... ...

    -h john
  2. lol,sorry ,just had a call from the 19 yr old son saying his new job is 12 hours a day[roflmao] ,now l gotta put the car in :D.Sorry mate ....lf she left and it wasnt your fault feel no pain.lf she left and it was your fault ?.See what you can do to solve the problem .Just know we be here my friend.
  3. just get your car and go get her, if you feel you've messed up, you need to make it it up to her, women are very delicate when it comes to relationships, but they they are also the most understanding species i have ever met.........don't know what i'd do without my girl here with me.......but what i do know, is that if i messed up, i'd be after her like a shot.......Peace out.......Sid

  4. Always.

  5. *Karma* for you hippie
  6. We luvs ya HJ. Indiana karma is on it's way to you friend. :)
  7. Yeah, we're here for you, HJ! :)

    I'm sorry you're hurting. I really am. I could go into a big long spill about this and that but all you really need to hear is..."FIND HER!" Good luck, HJ! If you miss her and love her that much...then find her. Unless she needs to be on her on and requested that you leave her be...then, you need to move on...if not, hunt her down and tell her how you feel.

  8. The sad fact is that you can't. No one can. I don't know you or the one that walked out on you, but from my own experience, I've found it's best to move on. The time you spend waiting for them to come back is time lost on living life to its fullest, and isn't that what we're all here for? To be bogged down for too long in mourning for lost love will keep your attention directed away from the rest of life going on all around your. And in that state, you may just miss the opportunity of a lifetime, maybe even miss the one who may be your true soul mate. And that would be a tragedy.

    Hippie John, I know it'll be difficult for you (getting over lost love is one of the most difficult processes in life), but I think that the sooner you get over it, the sooner you'll be able to get back to the pleasures of living life.

    And still, my heart goes out to you, my friend.
  9. your not by the door as well, holding it open just a little.
    i feel your pain............

  10. Damn straight, IM!!!! *I'm with you on that. I'd rather be able to spend one day truly loving someone and being loved by them to have never been able to experience it at all.
  11. love is THE most powerful of all our emotions...

    to have felt love, just once, is to have truly lived...

  12. now that's true words if ever i heard them............Peace out.......Sid
  13. anyone know any good "persons finding" website, or somewhere to call..... where i can give them a name an they'll find it???............. thats all i can come up with.... someone help me out... im not good at this...
  14. HJ,

    Give this a try.

    Hope it helps ya. :D

    Edit: FYI, most of these services are not free.
  15. i dont care what the price... as long as it works...
  16. Myoho renge kyo

    peace in your heart,you will find a way

  17. III LLLOOVVEEE YOUUUU.... John... I know its hard.. And that shit hurts too. . But you have to use your energy and focus on positive things... Trust me you'll alot better off.. Anyway


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