Dont Know Which Vape To Buy..

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Sylveon, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Hi guys I'm looking to buy a vape and I'd love some suggestions. :)
    -My budget is only about $40
    -Good for 3 or more people
    -I usually smoke in the woods so something that doesn't need to be plugged in at all times
    Can't think of anything else at the moment.. how do pens work btw?

  2. Unless you're trying to use it with concentrates i would stay away from pen vapes, they usually just combust flowers. Honestly for $40 you aren't going to find a decent vape, a vaporizer is an investment though and something that will quickly pay for itself. Vapes conserve bud much better then smoking does, and i like to save my vaped bud and make edibles with it after i use it. The cheapest i would really recommend going would be the Magic Flight Launch Box which is portable and runs on batteries, or maybe the Vapir no2 which is portable and runs off a rechargeable battery. The flight box is good for use by yourself or with a friend, but it isn't really great for groups. Also, i don't own one so i can't speak for how good it is with groups, but i have heard things about the Arizer solo. Also, stay away from anything made in china ESPECIALLY with the cheap vaporizers, you have to remember you will be ingesting whatever is being heated into your lungs. I recently read about someone who contracted some kind of heavy metal poisoning or something like that using one of those cheap chinese vapes. Good luck  :hello:

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