Don't know when to switch to flowering?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Miguel817, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Mainlining 12" tall and has 16 colas. It's 60 days old. Strain don't know but it's a purple indica strain. First grow don't know when to switch to flowering? 20190901_105202.jpg 20190901_103619.jpg 20190901_104504.jpg
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  2. how big do you want it? how much room do you have? I leave my plants until it can fill a given area.
    Please have a look at my scrog thread, there's a lot of useful info that can guide you.
    How To SCROG
    but that's a scrog, although many of the methods explain dimensions that can also help mainlining, manifolding, etc.
  3. So I can switch to flowering right now it's not to early.
  4. Great job on training. How many watts ya runnin?
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  5. Ye you can flip
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  6. 600w
  7. 600w
  8. Will do
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  9. A958C559-8EAF-44EE-9128-8525F9D0CA68.jpeg
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  10. Starting to flower now 16" tall.
    Stem seems to be tearing but it looks like it's just the skin.
    20190906_200808.jpg 20190907_133548.jpg 20190907_133600.jpg 20190907_133144.jpg
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  11. Id flip
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  12. @John Dilinger....what may i ask do you find funny about my post?
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  13. Lol that he said it was flipped before u posted for him to... flip.. and the picture shows a( obviously) flipped plant. Just made me giggle a lil
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  14. I think he flipped when u told him to originaly
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  15. Lmao i just noticed that bro, sorry about that lol, my mistake
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    oñbrd colas ontthe hisvond

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