Dont know what's wrong with my plant.

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  1. This is my first time growing and i have a plant thats 5 weeks old, about 1 foot tall and has about 6 nodes. Its an outdoor plant so it gets about 12-13 hours of sun light. I started feeding it the third week using the fox farms grow chart. I feel it looks like boron deficiency but it also looks like root rot or light stress so I dont know what it could possibly be. Thank you for the help. Stay lit

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  2. could be cal/mag ,,but really 12-13 hours light is not enough light to grow the will go in to flower if its only getting that much light.mac.
  3. I: the leaf is no longer attached to the plant
    2: it has advanced nute burn a flush at days end will allow the excess to drip out over night
    to continue in the morning..... no nutes for 2-3 weeks

    good luck
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  4. I know smh everywhere online it says 18-24 hours during veg but what can I do if thats all the sun wants to be out for lol. Lets see what happens.
  5. Ill have to check out that advanced nute burn then and just feed her water for now. Thanks man.
  6. I had something similar looking on my plants and it was calmag that fixed it

    My Second Grow
    My Second Grow
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  7. Good Idea once flushed a shot of calmag or epsom salt if in the UK


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