don't know what's wrong with me, man

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  1. i don't know, man. lately, i do things and only think about how i don't want to be doing these things.

    eheh that's the best way i can explain it.
    i'm not feeling interested or excited about anything.

    everything is stupid, boring, pointless, not worth the time, not worth the strain. i don't like living anymore. people have told me that i'm the happiest person they've ever met. but lately man, nothing is going great at all. nothin is even "good." heh. it's weird though because nothing particularly bad has happened. it's all the same old shit different day.

    i've been missing school because of a dumb cold, so i'm swamped with shit to get done there. that always stresses me. i still got a cold.

    the house is a mess. this always stresses me. i'm the main one to do the cleaning but since i've wanted to do nothing but lay around shit piled up.

    i haven't showered in a couple days. heh. i'm so hungry eheh. it's three fourty in the a.m. i want to cook, clean up, and get this project done but then i get up. and sit back down again. i can't bring myself to do anything even though i kind of feel like it.
    i don't even know why i'm going to make a thread about this or if i'm going to even hit the submit button at this point.
    just don't know what's wrong with me. i wish that living was fun for me.
    nah, getting high doens't help. i have this weak high and don't even get a stoned feeling so i feel more like i'm wasting bud.

    man, i don't know. any suggestions? for..anything at all..?

    -peace and love.
  2. I'm sorry you're feeling depressed. I would suggest scaling back on the MJ for a little bit, at least until your cold is gone (yer not getting your high anyways, right?). When you are ill, your body is spending it's energy on fighting the illness, hence why your energy level for other things (getting up, cooking, showering, doing projects) may be waning. Force yourself to take a nice hot bath (or shower if you prefer) and put on some clean clothes and then just get OUT OF THE HOUSE. Doesn't matter where you go. Movie, grocery store, park, SOMEWHERE. I know what it's like to be basically "dead" and have no desire for anything. I know what it's like to have to force yourself to put on clean clothes. I've been there. Often. If you are open to the idea, maybe going to a therapist for a couple of sessions will help you. Some people aren't open to the idea, and that's cool, but at least find a friend to confide in, even if you just need that friend to be an emotional tampon for about an hour while you vent.

    Uh oh, I've been son just woke up. Again, I'm sorry you are having a rough time right now. Many many hugs and good vibes to you. Let me know if you need/want to chat. I'm an awfully good listener.


    P.S. Everything you described, I've felt before. I know exactly how you feel.
  3. Go read my thread. ITs an absolute waste of time to let yourself feel like that.

    First of all, think abotu how lucky you are. During sex, MILLIONS of sperm are trying to get to the one egg. You are one sperm out of a million that survived. That alone is just amazing. We're all the lucky sperms.

    Your life is only so long.. You got what, maybe abother 50-60 years left? Live them to the fullest! Theres no guarantee that life goes on after that. Enjoy life and everythign around you. Theres so much more you're going to see and experience, its just not worth it to be depressed and unenthusiastic.

    Sure there may be some things that really suck out there, but I think one drop of good outweighs an oceanful of bad.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, drink lots of water. Just force yourself to down a glass of water every so often. It really helps your body get rid of a lot of crap that may be floating in it.
  4. quit MJ for at least a week, make changes in your environment (clean the house, take a bath), have a good meal and try to maintain this for a couple of days. Then after everything is good, clean and making you feel better have a good, good smoke
  5. I agree, change things up. Maybe stop smoking for a bit, and re arrange the stuff in your house for a diiferent feel. I would say maybe even go on a trip somwhere. i know u don't feel great but you gotta get out dude. Hope u get feeling on the up and up man, Good Luck! JOE>
  6. *tear wells in eye*

    haha you guys kick so much ass. thanks so much. yall are right. i *am* lucky to be alive, so man it just makes sense to enjoy myself as much as possible.

    i skipped school today man my mind needed a rest. i spent all day in the woods by myself like i've done a few times before. i'm a lot better now :) plus i got free ice cream.


    :bongin:PEACE AND LOVE, GrassCity:bongin:
  7. I find the best thing to do when you're feeling down is to try and find the root of whatever's depressing you. Is it that you don't want to live anymore? No... in fact your uncomfort is stemming from the conflict in between your desire to be happy and your boredom. So deep down, doesn't your heart still want to be as happy and content as it always has? I think you'll find that that wish is as strong as ever.

    Your only problem is that you feel like nothing is bringing you that happiness. But then again nothing exterior from yourself really brings you happiness in the first place. It's not what your life is, it's how you live your life. Any activity, from taking a walk to drinking a cup of coffee can be bliss if you put your heart into it.

    Maybe you feel like you can't or shouldn't put your heart into these things because you perceive them as boring or a waste of time. But that's just an illusion. No moment, place or activity is intrisincaly more valuable than the next. Forget about your future worries or past anxieties and don't be afraid of surrendering yourself to the present!

    And try and score some more of that free ice cream. That always helps :)
  8. i feel ya bun...

    that "drop dead, no-fuck-you" sucks i know it...

    lay off the mj for about the week and at the weekend go see your friends and smoke some good bud, and pop either a hydrocodone, or oxycodone (make sure to have some food in stomach for optimal experience)

    find something that you like to do, and accomplish something and feel good about it, like take care of your lawn, grow some plants...:D, build something, or hell get some extra sleep :D

    hope some of my suggestions help ya, pop a chill pill, and keep it trill
  9. if you're between the ages of 13-19 these feelings are completely normal :)

    serious man, im feeling a similar way, and i know its cos ive been 'abusing' cannabis lately, i got no motivation to do anything, and altho i dont have a great deal of things going on (i have some problems im dealing with slowly) i feel sh*t for no reason, trust me, find wots causing this, if its worry about school work, get the work done, if u need to sort sumfin out wiv sumone, go get it sorted, cannabis should be enjoyed with an empty clear mind, not one full of worries or doubts.

    I know my reason is because its the easter holidays and ive been smoking about 3 zoots (or joints) a day, its really not good for me man, so now ive quit smokin during the day on my own, just so i only enjoy cannabis when i want to, not doing it cos its there.

  10. Ive been through phases like this before, and its funny because i too usually have to do the cleaning around the house, but as of late ive been getting away with not doing alot. And school always stresses me out all the time, too, except i usually take showers:D

    Getting out for sure helps, go talk to some family, close cousins, uncles, whatever. But dont let it get ya down, theres WAAAY too much to do in life. Friends though man, friends really help. I dont even mean a lot, just having one or two good ones makes life alot more tolerable and worthwhile.

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