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  1. Well, 2 days ago. My gf,me, and my 2 friends were all out in the river here in virginia.

    We were on the rocks when we heard some dubstep, naturally we made our way to it.
    Ended up being some 50 year olds smoking weed, and trippin on some unmentionables.
    Had to be the weirdest day I have had in a while. They packed like 4 bowls, and smoked with us. I don't know how they got a radio, plus 2 bags and chairs out to this rock considering we had to swim through some rapids and climb through the river to get to them.

    After like 2 hours we left, they just stayed there.

    I don't know something about some 40-50 year olds that looked like they had professional lifes. No long hair, gray hair. Expensive looking stuff. I dunno it just made me realize music, and weed transcend all age, and social barriers.
  2. Be Happy. They sounded like nice people.
  3. they sound like cool people to me
  4. You speak the truth. Weed is everywhere, in almost every society, in many different social classes. Stoners, soccer moms, businessmen, artists, laborers. There is one person of every example who does it, despite pop culture not attributing it to them.

  5. I'm most interested in this. If I'm picturing this correctly it just makes me go wtf...

    last time I went camping in the mountains of arkansas (in a really remote spot) this truck pulls up and this sketchball hopped out. This was the first car we'd seen the whole trip so it was even weirder. He asks if he and his friends could camp in the site across the pond from us, and we say yeah sure. He came over later to shoot the shit...turns out this guy's name is Rebel and he lives in the hills of AR (although I really thought he was a cop)and we ended up talking about God's "green" earth....and we said, "how green"? Sure enough, this motherfucker pulls out like a gram of some "homegrown" shit (according to him) and tokes with us. He talked in riddles and told really long not funny jokes that I was sure were going to end with "Put your hands behind your back you're under arrest" and I couldn't relax till he took a bong rip.

    overall i'm glad your experience was better than mine
  6. Hopefully it made you realize that you should start building your nest egg now instead of doing drugs so that when you are that age you can truely enjoy it. Ask any blade on here, would you trade all of your drug experiences for a house, decent job, wife, kids. Fuck yeah, because then i would have BETTER drug experiences because i don't have to worry about life, which is a huge factor for myself, anyways.

  7. You can have both
  8. That sounds like fun, it's cool to actually see it in person about the different social classes toking up and medicating, generally you don't see 40-50 year old men out on some rocks enjoying nature/ life, be happy you got to experience that because I would have liked to. :D

  9. I have my own apartment, a gf I have been dating for 5 years, and I am in my last year of college. I graduated top 75 in hs. All while smoking weed.

    I am sorry you can't smoke weed, and live life at the same time, but sme of us can.

  10. Yeah, it had me wtfing all over the place lol. I just chalked it up to them being on unmentionables and having super powers. Cause it was one of the biggest rocks, in the middle of the river which is maybe half a football field long. No rocks leading to it, a few smalls ones here, and there.

    I think they could have came from the other side, just walking it through the rapids carrying it on their head...but that just sounds redunkulous.
  11. Dubsttep? Ahh ah classic:b
  12. maybe the tide came in

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