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  1. okay so, there are several women in my life (not all at once).
    im a good looking 18 year old guy (im very short (5ft 5") which lets me down quiet a lot (literally hehe))
    but i always forget that im short so it doesn't effect my personality :) (actually i always think im taller than i actually am lool)
    girls always say im hot but short (i have been turned down by several girls because of my height). ive never had sex im not really fussed because it will happen when the time is right. i was close to having sex a few days ago but i turned the girl down (il explain later) so i know i can have sex if i chased the cat but that's not really on my mind right now.
    i have had several girlfriends during my time but my last official girlfriend was about a year and a half ago which is quiet a long time.
    my problem is that i cant build a relationship.
    i always forget things so i cant "build" upon a relationship. i dont really know what to say to girls to make them want me, i dont know if i have anxiety but i think i have problems talking to girls (and people in general). im going to try to socialise more and practice talking to people but right now i find it hard to get girls to like me more.
    when a girl approaches me i never know what to say, i sometimes might just stand there silently for a long time. i think too much. sometimes i dont say things because i dont want the other person to feel like i talk too much or i ask personal questions etc.. (i dont like people that ask too many questions).
    maybe im judgmental so i feel like everyone is judging me all the time.
    what can i do? what do you do to make a girl like you? im not a horny guy so im not what you may call an alpha male. im not insecure, i wouldnt say im not confident im not sure whats wrong with me but im not normal when it comes to socializing with people i dont really talk much.

  2. The best advice is just not overthinking. Talking to girls is just like talking to any guy friend. Just talk to them I'm sure you know how conversation works.
    I'm not an "alpha" or anything either but girls don't care about that. Quiet confidence is still confidence. Plus I beat the shit out of a few "alphas" and they just like to talk. Whatever you do don't talk about your insecurities/issues to girls.

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  3. Youre coming at it from the wrong angle. You can't make someone want you. You have to be the type of person they want. Do you see the difference? Don't convince someone you're worth it. Show them with your actions

    There really isn't a golden phrase that gets girls.
    Tons of different takes on it here's mine: 
    Embrace the long-term goal of working on yourself to get more comfortable. 
    For me the key was combat sports, brazilian jujitsu in particular, which has made me feel really at peace with myself, which in turn has made talking to girls something I enjoy and seek out and feel little fear about at all. I'm 25 tho it took me a long time and a lot of self-management and introspection 
    I was shy as fuck at your age, no self-confidence at all, no idea how to talk to girls
    So yeah a concise thing is get really good at something that scares you or gives you confidence, chicks dig a guy who has skills, and I suppose the abstact thing is work on yourself and the chick thing comes automatically along the way. Better and better women too, the more comfortable you get with yourself and know yourself

  5. thanks for the advice, i think im going to just be myself. i think im over thinking things. this saturday i have a party and im going to try and socialize as much as i can.
    thanks again for listening to my problems, i was high when i wrote them so maybe i really was over thinking things. but i guess thats what is deep inside my conscience 
  6. best advice ever is be you specially if your looking for a long term relationship and not just a booty call dont be the fake alpha male that ends up in a realtionship with a "good" female when really shes just a cheating hoe.
  7. Honesty, casual humor, and spontaneity.

    Master these and you'll repel bimbos but attract real women.
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    There ya go.  Why would you want someone in your life that doesn't love you for you?  A young lady is going to come along someday and find you completely adorable.  That's a whole new set of problems you'll have to deal with.   ;)
  9. I can tell common sense isn't your best suit.
    Might want to try a dating forum ;)
  10. Id start by saying hello or hi, or something to that affect.
    Don't worry so much, be confident, women like that. I'm 5'3 and have banged girls way taller than me.
    Women like confidence, assertiveness, go in there with an attitude of im gonna get what I want.
  11. Just talk normally like you'd talk to anyone else you enjoy talking to, don't try to be someone you aren't and talk about what you're into not what you think they want to hear. You'd be surprised how cool most girls are if you're just really open and yourself, its a refreshing change from the 99 douches trying to pick her up.

    If you're not just looking to fuck a girl but have a relationship too that right there is the best advice you can follow. Anyone who doesn't like you fuck them plenty more fish in the sea.

    And a little it sounds like you've got a subconscious thing about your height since you mentioned it a lot. I'm telling you don't worry about stuff like that, it seriously means nothing. Sounds like you can confidence mask it anyway and short guy with confidence (BTW you aren't that short) vs tall guy with non the short guy will win every time trust me. You got this.
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    Being tall is overrated bro, I'm 6'2 and don't enjoy great success with the ladies. They don't automatically like you because you're tall, although it does help  :laughing: But I had this weed dealer who was like 5 feet tall with this really sexy girlfriend. It doesn't really matter bro
    The best advice is be yourself, and talk to them just like you'd talk to any of your friends, you only run into problems talking to them when you treat it in some kind of different way. You don't have any trouble knowing what to say to your buds right? Ofc not, it's just that people sometimes edit themselves when talking to girls and it ends up with you just looking awkward and uncomfortable.
    Be yourself, it really is the best advice, but the advice that goes with that is, if you're not happy with yourself, change. People try to say changing is "selling out" but that's only if you change because someone else isn't happy with ya. If you ain't happy with yourself, you gotta change man.
  13. I'm 6'5" and a 21 year old virgin soon to be 22, what I'm trying to say is I can't help you much lol, but just be yourself and show your uniqueness. Dress nice and get swole.
  14. Just love who you are and never doubt yourself

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