Don't know what to do.

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  1. Got caught third time parents threatening to send me over seas. I have a thousand or so saved up and was thinking of moving out. If that's the case i can't go back home like ever. I don't want to jeopardize my education, in university, since i know i am very smart and am doing good in my program just for the green. I have a disability check coming so that should help me good for 3-5 months while i get shit sorted out. i don't know what to do just looking for advice.
  2. I say you take them up on their offer to live over seas.. :smoke:
  3. in a third world country? one that just had a major drought?
  4. wow your parents really go far.

    id prolly quit for awhile.
  5. Honestly your parents shouldn't be giving you shit if you're doing well in your academics... Explain to them that marijuana obviously doesn't affect your studies and if they don't budge say you wouldn't want being sent away to affect your academics and that you'll quot.. Just be more careful and don't smoke at home.. Take all precautions necessary
  6. Don't leave. Quit smoking. You won't realize how dependent you really are till it's too late, a couple thousand is pocket change in todays world. Think of it as a T-break.
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    Ya i tried all that the other times they caught me i blamed it on cigarettes but this time they said they could smell it. They think weed is like crack. If i leave I'm never coming back, i know this cause they did the same thing to me ("summer vacation"), and i have reasoned with them and they won't budge. I'll most likely just leave for a while, cause i have exams soon and can't risk that shit.

    I'm not worried about smoking now it's that they want to fuck with my life right now. I'm getting a disability check which is like over 10k and can start to live off my own.
  8. [quote name='"OnABoat"']in a third world country? one that just had a major drought?[/quote]

    Haha, point taken. I understand not wanting to go. :smoke:
  9. I have a test coming up right now in like 3-4 hours. I used to be a heavy smoker but took a break in the summer started smoking frequently every weekend, sometimes weekdays, but eventually stopped for a month or so and then began smoking once every one or two weeks. the last time i smoked was this weekend, Friday through Sunday, but before that had a two week break. I don't know if its gonna be a piss test or a blood test, but I'm leaning towards blood. I pissed two times already the first being pretty dark the second really light. I am a pretty skinny guy like 135-145lbs and am 6'1. Do you think i will be in the clear?
  10. lol im a little confused here

    you have a 10 thousand dollar check coming, you are 18, and if you move out you can never come back home?

    The confusion stemming from that is monumental
  11. ya it was for an accident and if i leave I'll never be able to see my family again. My parent's are the violent type so i wouldn't want to imagine what they would do to me if i ever came back.
  12. so you are forced to live with your parents forever?

    id WANT to leave if that was the situation lol, and id remind them my 10 thousand dollars were going with me
  13. If i don't pass this test i will leave. It's my only option i guess but do you think i'm in the clear for a blood test. I think that's the one i'm going to take most likely.
  14. you smoked all last weekend, you will probably fail lol, but i am not sure.... depends on so SO many things
  15. Fuck it dude. Doesn't sound like your happy there and happiness is paramount to everything else in my book.

  16. What country? I live in a 3rd world country now after living all my life in New Jersey. Third world countries are great if you can make US dollars there. $36 US dollars for a kilo here. :smoke:
  17. Just get your check and move out. Do you need to pass this test to get the check or something? If so then you're kinda shooting yourself in the foot by smoking last weekend, if not psh your good just get your 10k and make it last while you sort things out.

    Edit: you may pass the pee test but the blood tests are much worse. Please don't say you need to pass this test for the 10k, cause then that was a 10k smoke you had last weekend >_<
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    No I don't need to pass this test for the check but, i just have to go to the lawyers to pick up my check. That's the thing though my parent's might be waiting for me when i go there, since the lawyer might call them. Whatever though already found a place for real cheap 225/month and still close enough to smoke with my friends. Alls good i guess.

    Edit: If it is a blood test how long do you think it will be to get the results.
  19. bro, don't even sweat the results. You've got 10k and friends!?!? haha you are GOOD my man!! Trust me, your parents will does not matter when you have that kind of money, they can't TOUCH you right now. If you need to, just board up with a friend for a bit, buy them some good pizza or something.

    Then get a place, chill for a while, find a job, and what does it matter what your parents think they are not the police or government who can force you to do things against your will. Just get dat 10k and make it last til you get a job!!

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