dont know what to do, no water in 10 days

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  1. originally i diagnosed my plants as being over watered. they haven't been fed anything in 10-11 days and they still look like this. should i just count my loses?

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    Mass homicide :eek: I hope you at least watered them. Keep them watered and keep temps low, might recover, but you may want to get some new beans ready jic.
  3. Might have been overheated?

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    Have you been watering them? They look severely wilted (From underwatering, possibly?). Underwatering kind of looks like the leaves just don't have water. There's still that water-sated look in overwatering. Your plants look the former.
  5. Over abundance of fertilizer.
  6. check your medium, do you have ants if you haven't under or over watered I think it would be a root/pest problem.
  7. Man them are sad plants. Id get the new beans ready my friend.

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  8. if anybody knows what its called, ive heard of a brown powder not sure of its name haha but ive been told from any kind of disease and sickness if you add this brown powder it puts life back into really far gone plants and makes them explode with growth.
  9. I know if you asked for brown powder in a hydro shop theyd know straight away. Its expensive as fuck but aswell.
  10. Almost looks like Fusarium wilt but it's definitely under watered... if they've been without water too long, sorry to say but they won't make It. Can't hurt to water and see the results though.

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  11. By not checking run-off to ascertain plant health is a crucial mistake, as I'm assuming by the pix and no trays to catch run-off under the plants. Plants are over fertilized. Biggest mistake by inexperienced cannabis cultivators! Please go here and learn the appropriate amount to apply. I have clones two weeks into flower and I've fertilized twice so far, and the girls will get one more dose before harvest. Easy on the ferts next time and ALWAYS check run-off and you'll ALWAYS be successful. Observe below:

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