Don't know what to do. Freaking the he'll out.

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  1. So my younger brother is leaving for army basic training soon. I'm closer with him and my cousin than I am with anyone. We wanted to take a trip to NYC but after I had planned it my friend who was going to house us bailed at the last second. We would go to Montreal but none of us have current passports and we'd like to save that trip for May. In a manic decision to do something I rented a limo for Saturday night under the assumption that strip clubs in providence were still 18+. come to find out there are NO good 18+ strip clubs near where we live which is south of boston ma. So blades my question to you is what the fuck should I do with this limo for 5 hours from 9 to 2am. Were probably gonna be drinking and not so much smoking except for me because of my brother going into the army. Anyone know of somehing that could at least give us a memory to hold on to.
  2. Hit the 18-21 year old clubs and if possible invite some girls! Heavily pre game
  3. Damn does in it suck when shit falls through at the last minute. FUCK I hate that.
  4. Play it by beer.
  5. this is a good idea. i would instantly go out with a guy if he said he had a limo LOL
  6. Totally would do this if it were me and my friends but my brother has a committed girlfriend and none of us (except for me lol) are hurting for pussy to the point where we need to go on the pull. I decided to book a hotel at Attitash Mountain in NH and we're gonna go snowboarding/snowmobiling/get fucked up all weekend. I'm just gonna give the limo to my dad if he wants it as a gift or I'll find someone else who wants it because it's too late to cancel. Oh well, live and learn I guess. I honestly can't believe I posted this thread, I really was freaking out like talking super fast and like thoughts racing trying to figure out something in this fucked up last minute scramble. But yeah shit should be good we're going to Montreal in May and we'll just wait till we're all 21 to hit NYC. We're all 18-20.
  7. Your bro cant go clubbing because hes committed but your original plan was strip club hopping..

    Me no understand
  8. His girlfriend doesn't give a fuck she trusts him it's just that we don't wanna spend our last weekend together "clubbing" like a bunch of faggots. We've already done that, never with a limo granted, but still I'd rather do something longer lasting and more fun.

  9. Lmfao valid point. Snowboarding will be a way better time

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