Dont Know What Seeds Strain To Buy

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by aviv99, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. ok hey im not sure if this is the right place..
    i want to grow 3 plants it is my fisrt time and i want to buy autoflowering seeds
    i thought ordering from sensible seed company but if u have a better place with better strain or something so i would like to have suggestions..
    for the seeds im looking for a strain that could give me good yield and be a baker 
    i want itll be very strong and get me stoned so if theres any strain like that u recommend?..
    im goin to grow it in my home not in some grow box or whathaver just somewhere in the house 
    and im planning to use this cfl dual specter or whatever its called 
    someone have suggestion on soil and  other things to buy and what size of the pot and all that 
    lol thanks :smoking:  :smoking:  :hippie:
    oh and guys do u think that theres some strain that could give somewhat of a trippy high? 
    i dunno if there is most of the weed u buy here is low quialty usually or hash mixed with cow poop srsly..

  2. Any strain can be dank and get you baked, you just have to grow it correctly. Just pick a strain that sounds right to you and grow it out right. Go to Herbies, Attitude or The Single Seed Centre for seeds.
    As far as soil and pots and stuff, go read the stickies in the growing sections.

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