don't know the strain..don't know what the outcome will be..

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  1. i'm on day 1 of, hopefully, my grow.
    i started germination by putting the seeds in between 2 folded, wet, paper towels.
    i put that in a container and, just to be sure, wrapped it in plastic wrap.
    i put that container in my drawer and am leaving it be...

    i reeeeally hope this works..i still need to get lights. but it helps that my stepdad has a bunch of gardening stuff already (i.e. Soil, fertilizer, etc.). Any suggestions? I'm awfully nervous at this point...then, i smoked a bowl. :smoke:
  2. welcome.Be sure to have pots and soil ready as those seeds will pop in a short while.I did the same method as you only 2 days ago and now 1 has been planted and reaching for the sky.Good luck
  3. Well, your seeds will take a day or two to sprout, so use the time to read as much as you can. Start with 'grandpa's grow guide' in the Absolute beginners forum, and then browse the web for other guides. They all say the same kinds of things, so when you've got to grips with the basics (lighting types, fertilisers, watering etc) come back on here and we can help you tailor your grow to your circumstances.

    If you've got the space and the equipment you'll be able to get a good grow no worries.
  4. i took notes, man. i'm ready to roll. got a page of germination 15 steps of germination. got a page on the flowering stage. and i have a page of lighting/watering notes. haha. might sound lame, but i figured it'd be easiest if i had that to refer to any old time. i mainly got stuff off of here for my notes and a few other sources. i read up on harvesting and curing under grandpa's grow guide. i've got my whole attic to grow in. i just have to work on getting air in through the windows, but not light.
    i am wondering...i'll only be able to come here to visit my plants every 2 or 3 days each week, but i am getting a timer for my lights...but, will i be okay? like, do i need to be here every day?

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