Dont know if im bi...

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  1. Its the first thread i do on GC ever and im really high so sorry if its shitty xD

    So yeah basicly i use to like only girls since like 6 months ago i met a guy on omegle and we talked for a few days and things became kinda kinky but i wasnt sure that i was enjoying it but i soon found out that i was enjoying it....does that making me bisexual ? because dont get me wrong i still love girls haha :p

    this is my 1st thread so be easy with me xD and i hope to have great answers too ! thx guys -Tyler
  2. It's hard to say if anything actually "makes" you bi, sexuality is a subjective thing with many subtle shades, it's not such a black and white thing. If you actually find yourself attracted to the opposite sex then most likely yes you are bi, but if your just figuring yourself out it could just be experimenting.

  3. this says it pretty well....
  4. look up the Kinsey scale of sexuality, it says a lot.
  5. My theory is, you'll never know unless you actually do it.
  6. Whether you are or not, you're allowed to experiment and explore your sexuality. Some people are "straight," but make exceptions for certain people. I say go for it. If you fight your curiosity, you'll just end up being confused and unhappy.
  7. Thx everybody it kinda made me realise that im maybe just experimenting...but yeah the only way to know it really is to try it ur right :p Im just so shy to actualy make a move in real life with a dude....u know my friends are good people but i dunno whay they would think about it......i usualy dont care but these guy are kinda my only friends so :S
    Im trying to figure that out
  8. Don't look at it as being bi, look at it as doubling your options. Hell, Hugh Hefner even did a lil bi experimentation in his younger days, I wouldn't call him bi or gay
  9. Do you like boys?
    Do you like girls?
    If you answered yes to both, you're bi.
    Of course, nothing wrong with experimenting, because sometimes you never know till you try.
  10. [quote name='"GGrass"']My theory is, you'll never know unless you actually do it.[/quote]

    Eh for some thing but on this I'm pretty sure I don't have to have sex with a guy to know I don't want to
  11. You don't need to subscribe to a label. Just work on being comfortable with yourself and figuring it out. If your friends don't accept you then ditch them and make new ones.
  12. Yeah i think thats what im gonna do , be comfotable with myself and if im bi well its like that :p i still dont know but ill just let time do his job .
    Thx for the tips guys im glad that people help me out !
  13. Whether you accept yourself or not won't change the fact that you don't have control over how you feel inside. Just be open and listen to yourself, it will make things much easier than living your life in denial.
  14. dont tell people you know that you experimented with a guy through webcams.
    EDIT: sounded mean, but seriously.
  15. You deserve to live however you want, go for it if you want.
  16. yeah im sick of being someone im not it pisses me off i dont see my friends much at the moment cuz it just piss me off to act like someone else maybe if i just be myself and see what will be their reaction it may be a good idea....
  17. It's your mind and your cock, call yourself whatever you want.
  18. [ame=]Blur - Girls And Boys - YouTube[/ame]

    /irrelevant post. :cool:
  19. You could say the same about trying certain food.

    For example, sashimi the raw fish.

    At first you say you don't even need to try it to know that you don't like sashimi.

    But once you try it, you might find it delicious.

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