Don't know if I should feel bad or not.

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  1. I've been close friends with this guy, call him "X", for five years now. Around two years ago, he met this girl, call her "Y". About a half year ago, after they had been together for a year and a half, they split up: X met this girl whilst on holiday in Fuerta Ventura, he cheated on Y with her, ditched Y, then lied to his friends, including myself for a couple of months, claiming that he didn't cheat on her in the first place, and in the meantime, while he lied to all of us, treated Y like shit.

    Last Saturday, I got drunk with Y and we had consentual (of course) sex. X found out this morning, and is now refusing to talk to me.

    I enjoyed my time with Y, and I don't fully regret it. But I wonder, should I feel bad after what I've done? X told me after he broke up with Y that he didn't like her anymore, that he no longer had feelings for her, and now that I've had sex with her, all of a sudden there is a huge drama being made!

    I feel as though what I've done is morally wrong, as X was my best friend, and it just doesn't seem... well... appropriate to have sex with your best friend's ex girlfriend.

    Any advice or comfort to give? I'm in a state of mild confusion.
  2. Never rub another mans rubarb, son.
  3. tell him to stop being a controlling fucktard.

    But you probably should have known better.
  4. never go for the sloppy seconds
  5. In most cases, your friends gf is usually off limits but he treated her like shit. He has no right to claim her.
  6. Do i even need to say it?


    You dont mess around with your friends ex's

  7. This is the most accurate so far. I see how you might feel bad at first, but that should go away. You said they broke up, and he treats her like shit anyway, what right does he have to control everyone, especially ones he is no longer involved with.
  8. It is never okay to fuck a sibilings/friends/bestfriends ex. EVER. You broke 'bro-code'.

  9. This guys got the right answer

  10. royksopp is total win! just thought I'd throw that in there
  11. I guess that's kind of the way I feel about it, she's single now, and so am I. So I don't think I've really done anything wrong. I forgot to mention that I'd been hitting the old glass bong all day long, and then got fired into the vodka. I was drinking it down real fast because I was still baked and couldn't taste it.

    I'd like to add that the guy has been drifting from me for months anyway, neither of us make the effort to really talk to each other anymore, he sure isn't a "bro" anymore anyway.
  12. He cheated on her, broke up with her, and lied to YOU about it. You are not the one who should feel bad. Let your friend in on whats going on with his personality. He has some problems. It might have actually been fair to lie to HIM about sleeping with his ex, but taht would just be stooping to his level.
  13. There is no bro code when he cheats and dumps her.

    Thats open game imo. And would be with the people I chill with. We're mature and can deal. ex girlfriends are EX GIRLFRIENDS with the people I chill with.
  14. Hullo. No advice from me but nice to see another Glaswegian on the boards :wave:

  15. Well I guess if he isn't your bro then you don't need to follow the proper bro-code rules. If the dude is someone whos got your back then it would've been wrong.
  16. FTW@:wave:
  17. I agree
  18. Yea it's the same way with my group and not even all of us smoke, there's a mix of male and female in our group and some are even ex's and what not, the groups dwindled a bit due to people moving or gettin into fights over other shit (mostly the ex's of the group). But we've had to deal with people in the group sleepin around with each other, I'm actually guilty here myself. Long story. Anyways we dealt with it and have been friends since.
  19. Yea dude if you guys dont really hang out anymore and you dont consider him a bro of yours than fuck i mean her
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    Multi-quoted to fuck :p

    Having some outside, honest opinions has cleared my mind up and made me feel a little less anxious and confused: the man's a compulsive liar, and he was the one who fucked up in the first place. It's not like I fucked her to piss him off, I fucked her because I was wrecked on the mix of alcohol and weed (I'm sure some other people on here have experienced that conflicting mix) and neither of us really had any control over our actions, and of course I am attracted to her and wanted to in the first place.

    From what I've heard from everyone who he has mention Y to, he made it clear to them that he was completely over her, and didn't care about what happened to her, this is why I don't see why he has taken it all so personally. Now the paranoid, pothead voice is talking and telling me that he is using this incident as an excuse to fall out with me... haha, got to love the toker's mind sometimes.

    By the way, to fellow Weegie, it is indeed nice to see tokers from the Glasgow area :D

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