Don't know how to handle this one.

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  1. Man guys this has been a bad week for me with the ladies. I have really liked this chick for a while. I really liked everything about her. Well my ex friend (ex as of last night) got with her like right in front of me at a party and I told him I was really into her waay before that so this is a huge dick move. It was bad enough she doesn't like me anymore I had to sit there and watch her get with a good friend. I don't know what to do. We have the same group of friends and I see them everywhere. Everytime I see them I feel a surge of anger and frustration and it takes a lot not to run over and beat the living shit out of him for disrespecting me like this. I don't get it he threw away our whole friendship for this girl. Like I have been giving him hints I don't like him anymore and he finally got it last night. He asked me what was wrong and why I was being an ass to him and I finally told him that he dicked me over and he is nobody to me now. I told him not to talk to me anymroe cuz I might just lose it and beat him down. I am not violent and have never felt like this before. I don't know what I am more hurt about the fact that she like hates me now or the fact I lost a friend. Like I don't know why I am so mad at this kid but I am he did something to me that is unforgiveable to me. Like how can he just do that over a chick. Blades please help me out I am so lost.
  2. Like I just don't wanna be around this kid cuz I get anger that I don't usually get. I am not violent but I think really bad things about this kid when i think about him.
  3. Dude, you said it yourself, she wasn't/isn't into you, so he didn't really do anything that wrong. It seems like your the one letting a girl who doesn't even like you ruin a friendship with what you said was a "good friend" Is one girl who isn't even into you worth loosing a friendship over? Forget about her and move on to the next one, don't get caught up with this because your really just gonna end up creating more drama and that isn't going to help your situation at all in the end. Just my 2 cents
  4. What the fuck happened to "bros before hoes"?

    But first of all, what did you do to make her hate you? No body just out of the blue decides that they hate someone, something had to have gone down.

    I also agree with everything dontholdback said.
  5. What do you expect man she doesn't like you the same way you like her, your just going to have to get over it. Whether it be because your not her type or whatever, you shouldn't let that interfere with your friendship. I was crazy for a friend of mine, but she never felt the same way back, I couldn't understand why.. I cared so much about her yet she barely took our friendship seriously, so I cut all connections I had with her, now its a lot easier to get over her. I mean why should I even bother, why should you other, we're just wasting out time for nothing. I had the beat weekend of my life, and she wasn't there, and it helped me realize that there are so many girls out there, cute, sexy, pot smoking girls. Neither of us should have trouble finding one, nor should we let one interfere with our current relationships.

  6. There's normally an unspoken rule that friends don't do this kind of stuff.
    Maybe it's just for girls, I don't know. Either way it's not a nice situation but I'm afraid you can't do much about it apart from chill out and move on :) There are plenty of potential friends and girlfriends out there, you just have to find them.
  7. If she doesn't like you, or doesn't want to be with you.... let it go. Don't let it get the best of you, and don't hold it against a friend, if she chose him instead of you.

    Calling dibs on females is asking for trouble anyway... only leads to problems like this.

    Apologize to your friend. I know it's a hard thing to do, but it is the right thing to do.
  8. You sound like a huge child OP. And its your fault you didnt get the girl. Grow a pair and get the girl first if you "like" her soo much. The world aint a fair place buddy. :smoke:
  9. Friends


    i hope that sums it up for ya mate :)
    but really, it was a dickhead move. i've had friends fuck me over for a piece of poontang so many times. sometimes you just get sooo jaded you say fuck it all.
  10. I'd say move on, brother... He obviously wasn't a friend if he did that. I used to chill with dicks like that too, and thought they were friends. When I realized, I literally never contacted any of them again and moved on. Good luck though, you'll find a better girl elsewhere.

  11. Oh look, it's the self appointed thread police:rolleyes:

    No one forces you to post or even read a thread, it's just as easy to just surf along to another thread.:wave:

    Don't make me stop this car!,lmao

    Comments like yours only cause in-fighting and closed threads.:(
  12. Yea thats a huge dick move, I had a buddy do that. Some guys like competing for girls its just in their genes and they dont see it as any disrespect. I didnt let it get in front of our friendship because bitchs aint shit but hoes n tricks, but I still gave him a piece of my mind.
  13. chill homie, if you dont wanna see this dudes threads then ignore them.
  14. Goodness, in completely different ways, you seem to have my luck in relationships. :p

    I'd say it'd be easiest to just move on. It may be tough, but if you can find a way to ignore them and distract yourself, that's the best thing you can do.

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