"Don't hey dude me"

Discussion in 'General' started by Bencker, Jun 10, 2009.

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  2. the vegatarian response to the hotpocket is when i lost it, you laugh you lose worthy for sure:laughing:
  3. lol please tell me where you found this sexy mother.
  4. hahahaha "Jokewood Rocks"
  5. Lol pretty funny read, if someone really did that to their girlfriend, I bet the girl would break up with them so fast.
  6. please tell me this was you
  7. Haha, I just found it on another forum. I thought of GC as soon as i read it :D
  8. made me LOL literally.
  9. :laughing:

    awesome find!

    EPIC NAP:hello:
  10. hahaha that was some prime shit
  11. hahahaha... thank you for the laugh
  12. ROFL. I lulzedmy ass off at that, epic, man. Fucking epic. xD
  13. ROFLMAO! Epic log is epic.

    What does the windings say?
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    I am here by retiring the term Epic, anyone who use's it shall burn in hell.

    It wasn't that funny. Kinda lame.

  15. "We hung out. I finger-popped you for like 15 minutes!"

    Someone needs to appropriate that line and use it in a movie
  16. Not gunna lie, i thought what the OP posted was way more funny than what you posted.
  17. i got a chuckle. maybe theyre like lafleur and juliet....

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