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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LiteWeight, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. Here is a question for all the seasoned growers. I have never grown and I just moved out of my parents house a month ago. I dont have very much money to spend, my two jobs pay for the rent, food, and bills. I want to grow a strain that is easy to grow and doesnt require to much attention because I work 14 hour days. I also don't have very much money to spend on equipment and I want to grow inside because my nosy neighbors never leave me alone. Any help on this would subject would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Top 44 grown outdoors when the weather turns better next spring.
  3. cant grow outside Big like I said my neighbors are always suspicious of me and im sure they would notice Canabis growing in my back yard and I eventually wanna be able to have a large ammount and if I grew outside my neighbors would not only smell it and not hesitate for a second to call the the cops but I have no fence so it would be really easy to see even in my back yard.
  4. you can get a 400w HPS for $200, might be worth waiting until you have the money for decent light. Fluros work, but not as well, and that $200 will take no time to pay you back in bud.

    Safer than growing outdoors, you can control the climate and leave them for ages while you are working... I had Northern Lights for my first grow, and managed to get it all the way through to flowering with no real idea of what to do, beyond reading these boards and asking questions. Good luck - weed grown yourself is just the best...

  5. im gonna try growing outdoors next spring and i was wondering how to start an outdoor grow out. do i need to dig holes and put good soil in.. or till the soil? once i plant the seeds will nature make them grow by themselves or do i need to water them my self? and also.. when growing outdoor do u trim the plants still or do u just let them go crazy?

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