Don't Have Bongs or Bowls?

Discussion in 'General' started by BluntBurna, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if anyone on GC is like me and has never purchased or had a bong, bowl, any type of glass etc.

    I've been smoking heavy for nearly five years now and I have yet to feel the need to purchase
    a bong or bowl or anything of that nature. I'm more than happy with smoking blunts everyday.
    Although I got to thinking about how much money I've actually spent on blunts and I could have
    a nice bong or two by now.

    I usually buy 7-10 blunts a week which runs me about four or five dollars. That comes out to
    about $260 a year just on blunts! Oh well, it doesn't seem that much when I stop at the gas
    station and scrounge up some change in my car a pick up a couple blunts.
  2. Haha no way, dude. I have had my fair share of blunts, but I just seem to favor a couple bowls out of my pipe. I don't know dude, I guess It's just a personal preference, but that's me. Five years dude? Haha, I plan to have a 1-footer in a month, and I've been smoking like 3 months, lol.

    Either way dude, as long as I get lifted, it's all good, haha.
  3. I love my bowl.
    Its always been there for me.
  4. Without my bowl, I'd be majorly fucked. I have fucked up hand-eye coordination and can't roll. I'd love to be able to do it, but learning is a bitch.
  5. ^^ You serious man??? Just look up some rollin tips online and you'll be good. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. It just takes practice.

    You know what they say, practice makes perfect. :smoking:
  6. yeah , i never got a piece, i figured id just lose it, break it, or ...


    it is paraphernelia...

    and besides a pack of joint papers is like 2 or 3 bucks , tops.

    been smoking for 4+ years, never owned a piece. hey, some people like to have nice shiny things they can look at....i find that i enjoy looking at a dying roach more than anything hahaha

    *smokes joints continuously*:smoking:
  7. I never fucking smoke out of bowls, why the fuck would i smoke out of a bowl if i can afford to roll one up?

    I have owned my fair share of pipes and bongs, huge waste of money.

    If i dont have enough for a blunt, i roll a cigarillo, if i dont have enough for that.. i can almost ALWAYS roll a joint. if i dont have enough for a joint, i usually don't even smoke. Then again i never buy Highgrade, its too expensive and the mids i get are just too bomb.

    Even when i do buy dank though, i just roll it up and get extremly blasted.

    Theres also something cool about smoking something you rolled, and if you can roll it good it is far more enjoyable than any bong or bowl,

  8. i was smoking blunts only for about year and was at more than a ounce a week. now with a nice bong i conserve on weed and smoke about a half O a week. if you dont got the money to spend a piece is nice.

    but if you get that paper then fuck it. roll up a blunt :smoking:
  9. i've been smoking blunts nonstop up until i bought my first piece a couple of weeks ago. its a mini spoon and i love it, only used it a few times cuz im still a blunt man, but i defintely don't regret buying it. i'll use it when the time comes.
  10. As my name suggests I usually roll blunts but I just about never roll up a joint. Other
    people have said that smoking bongs conserved weed. I used to agree but I don't
    anymore. I can roll .4 of some fire into a cigarillo and smoke it to the dome and be high.
    Or I could pack three or four bong rips and be equally as high.
  11. I've found the best investment you can make is just a nice large party sized type heady male/female bowl pice with a nice downstem. This way you can have a new home made bong everyday if you just buy some tubing the same diameter as your bowl stem. Having a nice sweet plastic bong in a couple minutes just using tape and tubing and a big water bottle - easy as hell and gets you high as hell.
  12. hmm...maybe its the area i live in but smoking glass just makes me feel like a crackhead. and as someone before me said, if you can roll (and i mean roll WELL).....

    well, theres nothing better:smoking:

    who's watching lebron? and after that, SUNS CELTICS OOOOH BABYY
  13. Never had a piece. I always roll joints. I rather like rolling, so I'm sticking with it.
  14. Smoking out of pieces for me tends to save me a SHITLOAD of weed. I bought a half like 2 maybe 3 weeks ago (I'm not sure exactly when I've pretty much stayed stoned half of each day) and I'm just now finishing it today. When I used to constantly smoke joints the same amount would last me a week. Plus, when you think about it, a piece is likely a lot healthier for your lungs than using papers or cigars. But I also am anti-cigarettes though so that's just me...:D
  15. Also, since it's just me smoking in my house I bought a little $6.99 bowl at a local smoke shop that works perfectly for me. If I feel like going crazy I can always use the gravity bong my husband made me before he deployed.
  16. up until today i have just smoked joints, but i am happy to say that today i am buying my very first piece.
  17. Yeah dude, I have a glass piece with a small bowl. It holds like .3 of buds, but that is enough to get me pretty blazed. It does save me a fuckton of weed.

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