Dont have a piece? Just the Earth? Hit this.

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube - How to make a Earthpipe (Jordhugger)[/ame]

    'Nuff said.
  2. Earth pipes are cool, I've made them before. I've used clay, copper tubing, and even a bottle for the 'stem'.
  3. lol soooo ghetto but very creative
  4. haha thats ballin :smoking::smoking: ++ rep my friend
  5. haha hits preety awesome.. but yeah seems like you have to torch a lot of bud
  6. It's the traditional means of smoking in many parts of Africa to this day. In days past it was a common means of smoking in part of Afghanistan and India also. I don't think any of those people had a shortage of herb to worry about torching a big old earth pipefull ;)
  7. Earth Fuckin Rips ! . never seen that before
  8. Soooo much smoke.
  9. i dont get it. do u put the rocks in first or the weed? and why do you need the rocks?
  10. Hells yes!!!! Growin your own supply of the TASTYIES is the only way to go!!:hello:
  11. rocks then weed. Use the rock like using a screen for a bowl.
  12. rofl god damn, the earth hits like a fuckin champ

    natural is the best i suppose, where the marijuana came from
  13. haha yup, if you grow you should have plenty of weed :D
  14. Thats an awesome concept, you have that. But if I was that desperate to smoke I think a pop can would be quicker, and probably cleaner. Still, nothin' like smokin' some natural weed out of mother earth herself!
  15. i bet that taste horrible.. or.. it taste like super dank earthy kush!
    probably not tho.

    maybe if i go camping with troglodytes..
  16. damn those fools are blowin straight clouds
  17. Wow, now that's what i call entertainment. That's also what i call a massive hit broheim. +Rep:rolleyes:
  18. Actually if done right it isnt' at all bad. Huge hits though. There are variations of Earth Pipes that use up to 50 liters of water under the ground for filtering but I guess that would be an Earth Bong.
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    haha. earth bong.. i'd hit it.

    why such big hits? the smoke gets cooled by the naturally cool underground dirt? probably have to rip it pretty hard too..

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