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  1. hey guys, i apologize fir this but im lsting, and need advice, i attached a pic, if you look the hanger is holding down the top of the plant, which i topped with horrible timing, its not splitting into two colas, and the side branches right under are taking over, one overgrew the other, so i anchored it with a fishing hook and rubberband, hopefully the one on the right will catch up. so do i need to top it again down to the dominant side branches? my only fear for this is my biggest fan leaves are on the top, on the bottom left of the pic. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks city, tapper.

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  2. i would just let it go for a week or so and you will see some more growth...then you can tie down again and top if needed...i would not top twice in a row...i top then wait a least a few weeks then the plant is going crazy i will sometimes top again but only after the plant is fully recovered.

  3. thanks man, but what if i topped it over a week ago? the only growth ive noticed is the side branches, would it hurt to top it down to where the side branches are, removing my top fan leaves where i was expecting new growth? if i did that i would just run the two dominant side branches around the edge of the bucket, meeting on the opposite side. i know what i can do, but i dont know what i cant do.
    sorry if im over analyzing, its my first grow.
  4. Man just let it be. That happens, your fan leafs will grow towards the light and you will notice new growth!
  5. alright i guess i just need to stop trippin. ill put my light over the side branches on one side so theyll, catch up, then after sleep, my fan leaves will perk all the way up to the bulb, then they get burned :/ this is some tedious shit man.
  6. You have to kind of think of the reasons for response you are seeing. Of course in the wild a cannabis plant which towers above all others around it stands a better chance of being pollinated by windblown pollen, so stretching is an effort to ensure reproduction. In a rough, nonscientific way, the plant is saying "OK, you screwed me here on the top, so if I'm gonna outcompete my surrounding plants for pollen, then I better get something growing upward." Since you just took its standard path for upward growth, the plant compensates by trying to get the growth that it does have as high up as it can. There are obviously biochemical mechanisms which enable this response, but the basic evolutionary reason for them is reproductive success.

    What I'm saying is that every time you tie or mangle the plant it will have this response. The whole time you LST there will be fliers that are trying to grow up, up, up. Your role is to tie them back down as they do to maintain an even canopy. Take the "side branches" that are "taking over" and LST them down so that their tips are as low or a little lower than the main top, and you will see other side branches start to reach skyward. Constant process, relax and enjoy it.
  7. alright i take your word for it and see what happens.

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